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Weight Loss Plans for Women Over 50

Weight Loss Plans for Women Over 50

When women move into the second half of their life, hormonal fluctuations together with the normal aging process would definitely decrease metabolism, change body composition as well as alter nutritional needs. Therefore, as far as women over 50 are concerned, if weight loss plans are made effective, they should not only deal with caloric intake, but also manage activity level and proper nutrition at the same time.

1. A Good Lifestyle Approach

Apart from dieting, weight loss plans would be more effective, because they focus physical activity as well as healthful eating, which could lead to permanent weight loss. It is strongly recommended by the American Heart Associations that step should be taken steps to enhance your activity level; go for a balanced diet including lean protein, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fat; and take less sweets and alcohol. Such weight loss plan is targeted on making permanent changes that are realistic, attainable and sustainable.

2. Proper Emphasis on Nutrition

It is vital to have a balanced diet in regard to any weight loss plan. Women over 50 should be clear about of diets focusing on protein intake and reducing carbohydrates. When we are getting older, excess protein could be problematic, because scientists have confirmed that processing the waste products from protein strains the kidneys. Other issues should be also addressed such as  the increased risk of osteoporosis that women go through as estrogen levels drop. So you had better take adequate amounts of calcium so as to avoid such risk.

3. Become Active

As we are getting older, fat would start to replace lean muscle, that could decrease metabolism. During the period of perimenopause, women would gain an average of a pound each year and most of this weight would place around the abdominal area. Therefore, an active lifestyle should be emphasized in weight loss plans for women over 50. It is strongly suggested that each day some kind of moderate activity should be taken for 30 minutes at least. In addition, weight bearing exercise would be much helpful as well, because it could build lean muscle and enhance bone density, which in turn promotes metabolism and decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Beware Weight Loss Products

In the market there are some supplements that claim to increase metabolism by enhancing the thermogenic effect of digestion, promising that they could achieve a short-cut for burning fat and suppressing appetite. However, according to the Food and Drug Administration, no hard evidence shows that such products are as effective as they claim, more seriously, some can bring up serious side effects. So you should be much careful when considering to use such products.

5. Have a Close Watch on Hidden Calories

For people beyond their late 40s, caloric demands are reduced by nearly 200 each day, and even in a fairly healthy diet, hidden calories add up. To take coffee as an example, black coffee has no fat and very few calories, but if you add cream and sugar into it, calories and fat would be raised to 100 and five grams respectively. So you must be aware of hidden calories, otherwise your weight-loss efforts could be sabotaged, although you have your best intentions to do so. And you should build the good habit to read product labels carefully, and dress your food and beverages sparingly.