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Vegetarian Diets for Weight Loss

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It is very good for your body in many respects when you start with a vegetarian diet. In addition, if you combine with kind of practical planning, it could also help you lose weight. Here are a few tips you can learn when you intend to be a healthy vegetarian and try hard to achieve your goal of weight loss with a meatless diet.

1. To listen to professional opinion:

According to Dr. Katherine Zeratsky, the Mayo Clinic nutritionist, scientific study has revealed that those who stick to a vegetarian diet would take fewer calories and less fat in their daily than non-vegetarians. Furthermore, such people could have lower body weight compared with their height. However, turning into to a vegetarian diet won’t definitely enable you to gain weight loss. As Zeratsky said, the principle of achieving and keeping a healthy weight is the same for everyone, which is to have a healthy diet and balance calories eaten with calories burned. Just like non-vegetarians, vegetarians could make poor food choices, which would contribute to weight gain, for example, the large portions of high-fat, high-calorie foods or foods with little or no nutritional value.

2. To follow a proper diet:

For the best result of losing weight, vegetarians should work out a diet just like a non-vegetarian. The key is to make certain that your diet is low in fat and quite nutritious. As vegetarians could be short of protein, it is strongly suggested that they should get necessary amount of this vitamin from numerous sources in a vegetarian diet. For example, fish (which some vegetarians still eat,) eggs and dairy are the protein-rich foods. But you should remember that some good sources of protein are also high in fat, so you should be aware that the sources of protein in the diet are healthy ones, including beans, low-fat cheese, low-fat peanut butter and food made of soy.

3. To have suitable recipe.

As for a vegetarian, the cooking methods in their diet should be kept healthy. Rather than frying, sautéing in olive oil, grilling tofu or steaming veggies are strongly recommended. There are various channels to get good vegetarian recipes, for instance, Martha Stewart’s website is a good one, as is her magazine “Everyday Food,” which introduce many recipes for delicious food and simple ways to do them. In addition, you could look at the food blog “101 Cookbooks, where you could find many vegetarian recipes that are tasty in any season.