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Useful Tips on Writing a Biography

Tips on Writing a Biography
If you want to write a biography of somebody, you need to know in details about his life and synthesize the important events and stories related to that person. As far as the purpose of your biography is concerned, you could only write a few pages in this respect so as to demonstrate that you are fully aware of the life of your subject. As for some other biographies, you should concentrate more on the information you have collected and research you have conducted for such purpose.

1. To pick up a subject.

According to the purpose of your biography, you might be free to choose your subject. It is very important in writing a biography. Therefore, you should select someone in whom you are interested or you deeply admire or you are intended to learn more about. Randomly choosing a subject with little interest could doom your biography from the start. So if you are feeling more excited about the person you would write, it would be much helpful in writing a much more interesting biography. If it is your assignment to write about a subject, you should be careful to find the unique angles so as to allow the person you are writing about to come alive as much as possibe.

2. To do your research more intently.

In some cases, people tend to make a cursory overview of the person’s life they are going to write about before they start writing; especially they think they have known well about the subject. This move is not strongly recommended, because you would be more confident if you know about it. And further research would also provide you with the background to find an angle from which you could start writing. As it is impossible to include every aspect of a person’s life, you have to do more research in regard to making important editing decisions before the start of writing your paper.

3. To avoid the obvious facts.

When you want to write about a well-known figure, you should make efforts to allow people to learn about some unknown facts and truths of that person, because these unusual facts would become outstanding in eyes of your readers and make it possible for your piece to be more memorable. For example, if you decide to write about Martin Luther King, Jr., your piece would not stand out just by illustrating his famous speech of “I Have a Dream Speech”. Instead you had better concentrate on the fact that he improvised this speech on the basis of a comment shouted out from his listeners. It would make your piece more likely to be remembered.

4. To double-check your facts.

When you are writing biographies, you should always remember that everything you have written need to be factual and you are able to be disproven. Tiny mistakes within your text would cause you to misrepresent the life of another individual unconsciously. In addition to general editing and proofreading, you should double check all facts and quotations related to the person you are writing about. No matter it is a magazine article or a homework assignment, accuracy would really matter and any inaccurate information could discredit your whole paper totally.

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