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Useful Tips for Cambridge Diet

Useful Tips for Cambridge Diet

Developed by Dr. Alan Howard of Cambridge University in UK during the 70s of last century, the Cambridge Diet concentrates on the concept of the “meal replacement”, which emphasizes the kind of    drinkable blend consisting of minerals, vitamins and macronutrients. Up to now the Cambridge Diet plan is still quite popular all over the world, because it could offer you with different healthy meal supplements as a healthy lifestyle program.

1. Mindful of what you eat.

When you start with the Cambridge Diet, you should have three servings of supplement it recommend on a daily basis to ensure getting 100 percent of the nutritional requirement you need each day. You are suggested to drink one serving of any Cambridge Diet product 30 minutes before your three formal meals. You should not eat any food unless you feel hungry. If you have to eat anything, you should go for those with low content of fat. By practicing the Cambridge Diet, you should have four or five servings of various kinds of vegetables and fruits every day and at the same time, “empty calories” foods such as alcohol and candy should be intently avoided. As far as snack is concerned, you had better take the pretzels, fruit as well as Cambridge Nutrition Bars. Everyday, you should drink at least eight 10-ounce glasses of water and cut down the consumption of desserts, cheeses, bread and thick sauces. When you go dining at restaurants, you should opt for foods with low calorie and low fat. If necessary, you could inform your friends of you are practicing a diet program to win their understanding and support.

2. Focus on doing exercises.

Any healthy lifestyle program would give its emphasis on exercise as its important part. It is kindly recommended by the Cambridge Diet before you start with any exercising program, you should seek advice from your doctor. When you go on with any type of physical activity, stretching is necessary to make your muscles loosened up. As suggested by the Cambridge Diet website, you should be engaged in fast walking several times every week. At the same time, you could try the interval walking in between your fast walking. In order to increase your activity level, you could also put on a weighted backpack or have hand or ankle weights for such purpose. The best possible pace of walking should be roughly between three and half miles per hour.

 3. How to make yourself look younger.

If you want to present your best appearance, you should do several things as recommended on the Cambridge Diet website. First of all, you when you choose your daily clothing, you had better group your clothes according to their color, because, the same color tones of clothing you wear would help you look younger. The clothing of non-shiny fabrics and dark colors would also make you appear slimmer.

 4. Keep record of your progress.

If you begin with the Cambridge Diet, you should do something about “charting your success,” which requires you to keep a journal detailing your daily diet and goals of weight loss. By doing so, you would clearly know the difference between before your practice and afterwards in terms of weight, waist size, hip size as well as your exercise and eating habits. It would be much be helpful to let you know what it was before and what you have achieved after the Cambridge diet so as to make you feel satisfied and move on for a bigger goal. To help you chart your success, you could use the tool, which you would find at the Cambridge Diet website, in your daily record.

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