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Useful Health Tips for Women

Useful Health Tips for Women

As a woman, if you could present your best image and have the best feeling of your own, it would greatly enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence to its maximum. It is widely accepted that having an unhealthy lifestyle would not only affect your feeling, but also impact your appearance. In such case, you are prone to certain kinds of diseases as well as some skin problems. Therefore, if you could follow a few basic health tips in your daily life, it would be much helpful in maintaining a good health and making yourself look more beautiful.

1. Try to have regular medical checkups.

If you want to keep a good health, it is necessary for you to visit your doctor on a regular basis to see whether you need certain kinds of screening tests. According to the data collected by the American Heart Association, the top cause of death related with women is heart disease, like heart attack and a stroke and. So it is strongly recommended that you should have tests on blood pressure and cholesterol for every two years. If necessary, you could have more tests upon the advice from your doctor. At the same time, breast cancer is also the major cause of death for women. Therefore, if you could be diagnosed by early detection, it would be vital for a satisfactory recovery. Once you are getting over 40, you should have the mammograms every year. It is kindly advised that you had better take other types of screening tests such as general health, bone health, diabetes and HIV.

2. Go for a proper diet and more exercises.

If you are intended to keep your weight and decrease the risks of getting heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer as well as high blood pressure, you should be engaged in the regular exercises and go for a healthy diet. It is kindly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that as an adult woman, you should take part in some kinds of strength training exercises twice a week at least. As for a balanced diet, in terms of carbohydrates, you should have more whole-grains and for energy you should take vegetables and fruits as necessary as possible. For intake of protein, you should have more of legumes, fish and chicken in order to keep and repair your muscle tissue. Canola oil and olive oil are the unsaturated sources from which you are suggested to get fat.

3. Pay attention to your facial care.

If you would like to keep your facial skin in a healthy way, it is strongly suggested that you should use sunscreen everyday. In addition, you should apply a lip balm with content of SPF on your lips, because they are the thinnest skin of your body. To maintain a young look, use kind of anti-aging cream each day daily. As for renewing cell and producing collagen, you should choose one of retinoid creams rich in vitamin A. As far as multiple lotions or serums are concerned, you should put them on your facial skin every five minutes in between each one, because if you use them for one time, one would reduce the function of the other.

4. Focus more on your body care.

When you are getting older, the process of your skin renewal would operate slowly. If you want to keep a smooth skin, you need to do something in exfoliating your body, for the removal of dead skin cells would enhance circulation and offer better absorption of your body lotions. Therefore, it is kindly advised that you should scrub your skin twice a week at least. Taking account of the situation of living in a warm climate, you should do more about scrubbing, for dead skin cells would grow more and faster in such weather. By doing so, you could use a loofah or an exfoliating when you wash your body and try to go for scrubbing your body in a circular motion.

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