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Useful Editor Resume Tips


If you are looking for a job as an editor, it is one of important steps for you to write a strong resume. No matter how long you have been working in this field and how well your education is, you should always highlight your strongest points in your career as editor in your resume so as to draw the attention from your prospective employer.

1. Focus on creating a format.

You may notice that there are some websites and books which could teach you to write the resume in the correct and effective way. However, the right format for you is closely linked with you have done so far. Therefore, instead of listing all your previous jobs in detail, you should concentrate on your working experience as editor to show how well you are qualified for such job. To such end, you are strongly suggested to create a one-page resume, in which you should fully describe one or two jobs you have in regard to your editorial duties, such as revising papers or formatting articles for book or website publication relevant to your achievement in the field of editing.

2. Pay attention to the keywords.

As for editorial positions, the responsibility might be different according to the level of the job like associate editor or editor-in-chief and the type of publication in terms of newspaper, fiction, and magazine. So when you are intended to write your resume effectively, you should use the right keywords to best demonstrate that you could fit well into the job description of that you are applying for. For instance, if you are looking for a job as editor of the travel magazine, you should highlight the keywords you think specific to such position, which could help you show all your capability and qualification necessary for the job.

3. Go for the editorial phrases.

If you would like to present your resume in the formal and professional way, you should try your best to go for the editorial lingo which could easily illustrate you are quite experienced in the field. In addition to emphasizing your ability in editing and revising articles, you should also go on with what you are able to proofread the other’s work or fact-check the research for some projects. In addition, you should identify any proficiency you have with some software application such as Photoshop or Quark/QPS, which are fundamental to the editor in the modern times.

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