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Top Ten Tips on Saving Money for Your Marriage

Top Ten Tips on Saving Money for Your Marriage

If you are getting engaged or making the plan for marriage, it is the right time for consideration of saving money and try to be clear about your financial situation towards that dream. Whether you are thinking of wedding ceremony or spending your honeymoon somewhere, you should be intended to save your money as soon as quickly. In addition, if you build up the good habit of saving money, it would be much helpful in maintaining the satisfactory relationships with your spouse after marriage. Here we offer some useful tips in this regard.

1. Know better of your daily expenses. Usually a lot of people are not clear about how much they spend on everyday life. Or they tend to think that they are certainly spending less money than it should be. However, if you have a better understanding of your monthly expenses, you would be shocked to see that you should do more in saving money.

2. Be ready to pay out your debt, especially if you have the credit card debt or some other types of high-interest loans. By doing this, it could not only help you have more cash on hand, but also enhance your credit rating when you need to pursue a loan for buying your own house or a bigger car for your family after marriage.

3. Try to cut down the small expenses, such as dining out or going to coffee shop, paying for cable television and cell phones or purchasing new items, which you are not in urgent need. You should know that those small expenses could be accumulated into a large sum over time.

4. Another option to save money is to cut back on the big expenses, in your daily life. For example, you could find a cheaper house to stay or go for a used car instead of leasing a fancy car, or you could change the new insurance companies for fewer charges.

5. Be prepared for using efficient energy-saving household electric appliances. Regulate your heating and air-conditioning system as room temperature changes. Wash your clothes with cold water by hand or avoid using washing machine too often. Turn to public transport whenever possible or go for carpooling with your neighbor or colleague.

6. If necessary, you could sell your used items on the garage sale or for auction online. As you would be moving to a new place with your spouse, selling your unnecessary stuff could be practical in both saving money and space.

7. Open a savings account which could ensure you have the higher interest rate and lower fees. As for long-term investments, you should prefer the stock market and other kinds of investments, but since you would be married in a short period of time, you should choose a federally insured savings account with the high-interest rate at your bank.

8. When you have saved some money, just deposit it into your saving account and if there is no emergency, never draw and spend it. If possible, you could choose an automatic transfer at your bank to make sure the money you save could go directly into your savings account.

9. To save money for your marriage, you had better allot any money you get from your work as bonus or any kind of gifts your family members and friends offer to you for the wedding into your savings account.

10. As your wedding ceremony draws nearer, you should be much concerned about your financial situation and get well-organized for your daily management. It is strongly advised that you should have a in-depth chat with your fiancé (e) about which is the better to deal with your money for the dual purpose of saving money for your wedding and the life you would spend together.

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