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Top Ten Tips for Saving Money as a Single Parent

Top Ten Tips for Saving Money as a Single Parent

Being a single parent, sometimes it is quite difficult to manage your income well for your household expenses. So in this case, you should learn more about saving money while supporting your family’s daily life efficiently. If you could do it well in this regard, you would be allowed to make better use of your financial resources for a decent living. Please read the following tips and get ready for money saving.
1. Focus on your priorities. Being a single parent, it is certain that you have limited amount of money available for what seems to be done in many ways. So, you should focus on the most important and basic needs of your family, such as daily food, housing, child care and education. After that, you could spend money on other aspects which may not necessary for your family life, for example, sending your kids to after-class training class or going on a holiday at weekends.

2. You should build up the habit of buying house furniture, electric appliances, or clothing at thrift stores whenever possible, it is an effective way to save money for a single parent. Try to find sales information about thrift store so as to use your limited fund as efficient as possible.

3. Choose public transportation instead of driving a car as your main means of transport. By doing so, you could save a lot of money in purchasing petrol, obtaining insurance and carrying maintenance for your car. If public transportation in your area is not easy enough, you could walk to any place that is within a touchable distance.

4. Have your hair cut at beauty schools, where the instructors could be responsible for supervising and correcting any error happening thereof. It would save you the obvious amount of money.

5. In order to save money, you could take advantages of free public resources for entertainment of your kids. You should take your kids to local library, renting movies or story books, or participating in interesting activates for kids. If you have more free time, you could bring your kids to find fun at the playground of local parks or go on hiking on trails.

6. If possible, you could your groceries in bulk or choose generic items. You are suggested to freeze the perishable stuff which you won’t take for the time being and store any non-perishable items at the lower price if they are put on sale.

7. Avoid dining out frequently, but doing it only on the special occasions. Just regard making your own food at home as a regular family activity. To enjoy preparing the meals, you could play some music or chat with your kids. If allowed, you could ask your kids to help making the meals or put forward their favorite recipes and you try together.

8. Establish your own coin bank. Whenever your family members have extra changes, every one should put them into your coin bank. Little by little, you would amazingly find that you could accumulate a remarkable amount of money during certain period of time this way, and then you could spend the sum for a trip or family item.

9. Whenever possible, do not use your credit cards. You have to pay for high interest rates if you use them regularly, for the credit card debts could be increased so rapidly that you would be in a difficult position of paying off the balance.

10. As a single parent, sometimes, out of guilt you maybe spend money on what your kids ask for. We all know that divorce and any thing happening afterwards could make your life very difficult. However you must have a right attitude towards them and try to figure your way out. If you always think and do out of guilt, you could easily force yourself into financial trouble.

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