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Top 8 Hotel Safety Tips

8 Tips for Hotel Safety

Every year, your vacation time may be the most enjoyable period for you in the whole year. You go on the trip, which offers you the opportunity to escape from your routine work and have a complete relaxation. However, during your trip, you would stay at hotels; the hotel safety should be the top priority you should place on your travel plan. Here are some things you should remember in regard of your safety and security so as to prevent being ransacked and looted during your stay in a hotel.

  1. Well-prepared is your first step to your journey. Before your trip, you need get as much as information about the hotel you are going to book. You should find out the reviews and testimonials of such hotel and make your own assessment of its safety and security.
  2. When you book your room, you should choose the rooms in the upper floors, because they are harder to break into and try to avoid booking the rooms on the ground floor or the second floor
  3. In order to protect your personal valuables, when you leave your hotel room for sight-seeing or shopping, you should put all your valuables, such as your passport and travel documents, into the safe provided by the hotel.
  4. It is the obligation for the staff members of the hotel to keep confidentiality and privacy of its guests. If such thing happens that the front desk clerk is unconscious to announce your room number or your room phone number in the public, then you should ask him to give you another room for the sake of safety.
  5. When you get into your hotel room, remember to have a complete check-up of the locks of the windows and the doors in your room. If you find out that some of them are faulty, or in malfunctioning situation, then ask to change for another room
  6. During your stay at the hotel, you should make sure that you are well-aware about the location of fire exits on your floors, especially the one nearest to your room. And you should also bring with you a list of local emergency phone numbers when you go out in case of emergencies.
  7. To maintain the friendly relationships with locals and other tourists should be the normal thing you must do in your tour. However, you should be also cautious as a stranger in a totally new city, especially if you are women. For example, do not let other people come into your room, even if you have known them a few days.
  8. During your stay in the hotel, the most necessary and important measure you should take is to keep vigilant all the time. Before sleep or go out on exploration for a couple of days, you should make sure the doors and windows in your room are safely locked .When you hear someone knocking on your room door, you should use the peephole to see who he is before you open the door for him.

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