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Top 5 Tips on Managing End-of-Year Cultural Stress

Top 5 Tips on Managing End-of-Year Cultural Stress

Stress is undeniably related with two facts—skin care and inclusive health. The first truth is that the stress has influence on the appearance of your skin. The second truth is people may feel more cultural stress accompanied with the end of a year. Since the end of the year is approaching, what do you plan to do to help decrease stress and preserve healthy skin? Here we picked up the top five tips on managing end-of-year cultural stress for you.

1. Keep in mind that holidays are designed to be enjoyable.

Most of us enjoy holidays, while for some people the coming holiday can be a stress source. The stress mainly comes from the pressure of participating and hosting events, holiday travelling, selecting and purchasing gifts and all these activities can significantly increase social and schedule commitments, which make holidays enjoyable but stressful. The solution to this kind of cultural stress is to step back and think about the meaning of holidays for a moment. Holidays are designed to bring joy to you and the others and the purpose is not to make you feel stressful and frustrated. Consider reasonably on what commitments you have and should not make for this holiday season so that you could enjoy the holiday instead of stress over them!

2. Do not stress on goals that you haven’t achieved this year.

Another source of end-of-year stress may happen at the end of the year is “look at the tasks that I didn’t finish this year”, which is inevitable. The truth you should understand is, even if you are a genius, still, you could not finish everything you have at hand or achieve all goals that you set up in the beginning of the year. Instead of doing that, this year you should choose to celebrate what you have accomplished and what you’ve gained. Write a list of your achievements and sit back and pat yourself on the back for all the great jobs you’ve done through the entire year!

3. Stick to your as-set budget.

Money is a stress source for many people—actually for most people. During the end of the year, the expenses on holiday purchases, food, and travel have good chances to increase dramatically and such sense of money can make one feel fairly stressful. The best way to solve this issue is to set a budget and stick to it. Even if you feel something is a must, don’t buy or do it if you have already reached the budget line. If you have a reasonable budget and don’t go over it, the money associated stress can be greatly reduced or even eliminated—at least for holiday season!

4. You deserve some time for yourself!

During holiday season, you may be busy making others around you happy—kids, parents, colleagues, community friends. The list of people you want to make happy for holidays is usually very long, and it is extremely easy to think that you should commit all your times with others. However, this might be wrong and you will feel stressful. The most important way to decrease stress is to block out some time that’s only for yourself. It is high time you tuned out social media, background noise, commitments and holiday rushes, and enjoy some time to regroup, grab a cup of tea and do something that’s really relax and comfortable. It is important to be aware that you deserve to treat yourself well as you do with others.

5. Keep midyear exams in your mind and have a good plan on your study schedule.

Whether you are a teenager in high school or a young adult in a college, you should keep the midyear exams in your mind. We have to admit that good grades are very important to students, but you should know that making healthy life choice is equally important. You need to make sure you have enough and quality sleep, eat well and figure out your own way to beat stress. Please remember, you grads will be less important if you don’t keep yourself in health conditions and manage stress very well. Study hard, but get the time to relax and entertain yourself!

Now you have all the five tips on managing end-of-year cultural stress. Do not let those sources of stress impact your health and the appearance of your skin. Please combine great skin care and good stress management skills, and enjoy your holidays!

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