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Top 5 Tips on How to Save Money in Key West Florida

Top 5 Tips on How to Save Money in Key West Florida

Key West Florida is a fantastic vacation destination that every tourist should seriously consider to visit at least once. The Key West vacation is all about fun but not necessarily all about money. You can enjoy your time in Key West by visiting Hemingway House and gazing at the shop windows instead of sitting at a bar. The money you spend hotels and bars at Key West can quickly adds up, but there are some tips to practice and save you money on your next Key West trip.

1. Directly book the hotel room.

If this is the first time to travel to Key West, you may want to call and book your room through a travel agent because an agent has an insider’s view about the perfect place to stay and offers you some advice for your vacation. However, if you have been to Key West already, you are recommended to call and book the hotel room directly since you already know the lay of Key West and which part of the island is your preference. By direct calling and asking when you book the room, you have large chance to get a reduction or discount. If you are looking for nice accommodation for even less cost, consider to book hotel or private home rental via You can negotiate about the prices frequently and get bigger rooms. One thing to remember is, if you can’t bear the night noise, don’t book a room on Duval Street. Instead, turn to the Truman Annex area, which is a great place to stay and also needs few walking to Key West bars like Sloppy Joe’s and the Bull and Whistle.

2. Avoid visiting Key West in holidays.

If you plan to travel to Key West during festivals or holidays, you will have to a premium on hotel rooms to stay. Particularly, the Fantasy Fest in October is extremely expensive. To save more money, you can book during summer when it’s very hot and the tourism wanes to get the best deal. Being said that, you will still need to visit Key West Fantasy Fest at least for once.

3. Find nice meals in restaurants that locals often visit.

You can have fantastic meals in waterfront dinners but for the sake of your wallet, you can have more economic but still tasty choices. Good restaurants to look at are those that local people visit a lot, for example, BO’s Fish Wagon. Please keep open-minded since some local spots may not look good but you will not be able to find other better and fresher fish dinners in Key West.

4. Save your bucks on purchases.

When you are traveling, you always want to buy some souvenirs, but you can save some money by bargaining. One of the greatest attractions in Key West is the Duvall Street where all kinds of independently owned shops are lined. When you look into an item, don’t buy it immediately. Instead, try to bargain on the price and ask for at least 10 percent off. If the owner won’t deal, walk away to find a similar but cheaper item in another hop of find the same item in a shop where you can get a better deal.

5. Shop on the southernmost side.

The southernmost side of Key West Island is a must-visit place for you. Cruise ships dock by Mallory Square so you will need to pay a premium in shop at the side of the island. Instead of doing that, take a beautiful stroll up Duvall Street and find your items at a store that is a little bit off the beaten path.

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