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Top 5 Money Saving Tips at Disney World

Top 5 Money Saving Tips at Disney World

The Walt Disney World, located outside Orlando, Florida is one of the dreamiest vacation destinations in the world—however, the problem is the cost is high. When you visit Disney World, you’ll have to pay for travel, food, hotels, tickets and souvenirs, which are all kind of expensive. If you can have a good plan in advance, you may be able to enjoy your time in Disney World and in the meanwhile save some bucks. Here are our top five money saving tips at Disney World.

1. Keep an eye on discount information.

There are different promotions and offers on the official website of Disney World. To avoid missing any important discount information, you can sign up for the free email alert at Mouse Savers to be informed about all the special deals and savings.

2. Decide the accommodations according to your preference.

Basically, there are two ways of accommodations when you come to visit Disney World—stay in-site or off-site. The advantages of stay in-site is obvious—you can have more time and are more convenient to enjoy your time in the theme parks, but also, you have to pay more for the resorts. If you choose to say in-site, you might want to look into some free service within the Disney resort to save money. For example, if you just arrive in Orlando, you can take Disney’s Magical Express instead of renting a car and it will pick you up and transport you from the airport to your hotel or all over Disney World. The other way is to stay offsite, which can allow you save extra more money when you are travelling off-season. Plenty of budget hotels are waiting for you and they also provide transportation to the parks. The only thing you should keep in mind is that to keep an eye on hidden fees before you make your reservations. Don’t forget to ask for lower prices possible because sometimes good deals are only offered when you ask for them.

3. Pack you own foods.

The foods in the theme parks are potentially expensive when you compare them with the foods off-property. You can consider to bring you own foods or buy from local grocery store after your arrival, then keep them into the small refrigerators or coolers that provided in hotel rooms. A good strategy of eating is to have good breakfast in the morning and enjoy your happy hours and return to the hotel in the mid-afternoon for another meal. You can also bring your own snacks, for example, raisins, crackers, granola bars and other easy-and-small-to-pack foods with you when you enter the theme parks.

4. Have a good plan on your visiting duration and tickets.

The largest share of your Disney World cost should be the ticket expenses. Before you buy the tickets, you should think about your visiting schedule and weigh your options carefully. The Park Hopper tickets are good choices if you’d like to visit more than one parks in a single day, however, if you plan to spend the whole day in one park, you don’t need it! Don’t add anything or anywhere you will not visit in your tickets, for an instance, the water parks. It is a good way to have more days on your tickets to save more money, so it is important to plan your visiting duration and purchase the tickets accordingly.

5. Have a budget on the souvenirs.

The souvenirs in the theme parks are attractive and expensive, and your kids are always willing to get everything. You will want to set a budget for your little ones and ask them to spend the budget wisely. Instead of buying directly in the theme parks, you can also consider to buy lovely souvenirs outside Walt Disney World—Belz Factory Outlet World, which is 12 miles from Disney World and Orlando Premium Outlets, which is near downtown Disney, are two best destinations for souvenir shopping.

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