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Top 19 Tips for Attending a Career Fair

After several years in a college, finally you are close to graduation. First, I’d like to say congratulations! But graduation if not an end of an important period of your life, it is rather a beginning of your career. In this quick guide, we include 19 most important tips helping you be prepared when attending a career fair or job expo. Some of the tips are for you pre-fair preparation, some are for you during the fair, and others are post-fair advice.


Before the Career Fair:

1. Proofread your resume and eliminate errors.

Your resume is one of the keys to seek a good job, so be careful with it. You should not only look at the typos, grammar mistakes or other verbal errors, but you should also make sure your contact information is correct and updated.

2. Check company and manager information before you go and impress them!

Before attending a career fair, you should take some time to check the company list and managers of each company. Then you decide several companies that you are most interested in, kind of interested in and some you’ll just visit. Visit the companies’ website to find out useful information about their history, culture, strength, etc. You will be prepared by doing this, because you’ll be able to answer the recruiter’s general questions about their company, and also you can show your interest on them and your capability of being one of them.

3. Have a time and location plan!

Find out where the companies’ are and how much time approximately you’ll spend on them. By doing this you’ll take full use of the time in the fair.

4. Practice, practice and practice!

You won’t give a long presentation during the career fair, but you do need to introduce and talk. Practice with your friends or family and decide a way to talk about your skills and experiences.

5. Prepare enough copies of resumes and business cards.

Please remember to take enough copies of resumes, cover letters, business cards or any other things with you. Sometimes you’ll have trouble using the public printers.

6. Prepare some questions for the employers.

This is also important and some people ignore this often. You are not the only one who’s going to ask a question. Instead, if you can ask some insightful question during your talk with a manager, they will be impressed.

7. Prepare a notepad and portfolio!

On the fair, you will need to carry your papers in a portfolio or folder to be professional. Also, a notebook is a necessity to record the companies you have visited and the mangers you have talked to.



Attending the Career Fair:

8. Dress professional and comfortable.

First impression is important, we all know that. Be wise when you choose the style and color. But don’t forget, you will stand for a whole day, so you should choose a pair of comfortable shoes.

9. Arrive early!

Arrive at the career fair early and decide line of each company, so you can adjust your visiting plan.

10.Visit the your most interested companies first.

As time is limited, go to the companies that you are most interested in first. Then take you time to visit others.

11. Be polite when you talk with a manager.

Keep smiling and eye contact with the manager. Also, shake your hands firmly before and after the talking.

12.Show you initiative and interest.

When it is your turn to talk, be initiative to start the conversation. Show your great interest for the company.

13.Be direct and short.

There is limited time for each interview or talk. So prepare to say only several sentences for each talk. Be direct and short and make sure only say the most important information.

14.Network, network, network!

Take you chance to network is very beneficial. When you attend a workshop in a career fair, when you a stand in line, or any time you meet a stranger…prepare to network with them. Some of them may give good tips and advice, some of them may be the one who introduces you to a company. In short, be active to meet and know people in a career fair!

15.Don’t squeeze a employer too much.

An employer will have to talk with a lot of people one day. So don’t push them too much even if you are really interested in them. Just request for some future follow-up events and go.

16.Use your research experience to show knowledge and confidence.

If you did related research work in the same direction with the company, you should proudly speak them out. By doing this, you can show your knowledge and confidence, and the company will also feel you are one of the candidates.



After the Career Fair:

17.Ask for follow-ups and next steps.

If you think a company is interested in you, you can ask them if there will be follow-ups by phone or email. If they don’t say anything about that, you could still contact them in future one or two days.

18.Send a thank-you note or thank-you email.

You have many notes on your notepad. After attending the career fair, you should compile the companies you visit this day when your memory is still fresh. Send a thank-you note or email to the companies and this is also a way to request follow-ups.

19.Revisit their websites after the fair.

If there is no response from the company and you are really interested in them, after a period you can revisit their website. Sometimes there will be new position opening or they are still lack of people in certain departments. Give it a shot and resend your resume.


Good luck for your job hunting and hope these tips are helpful. Thanks!