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Top 10 Tips for Successful Epilation

Top 10 Tips for Successful Epilation


Epilation can help women maintain smooth skins and help build beautiful body. Epilation is an easy process that every lady can do with right tools, but there are also some small beauty secrets that you should know. Here we prepare some handful tips that can make your epilation much easier and more successful.


1. Choose the epilation frequency based on your personal preference.

How often should a beginner epilate? This really depends on your personal preference. It is better for beginners to do epilation every twice a week since doing this frequently can effectively increase your pain threshold because short hair results in less pain compared with longer hair and your skin is used to the process, as well. Also, do epilation frequently can reduce your overall hair time after time.  In the future, you may want to do it less frequently, for example, once per month.


2. Select the right way of epilation that matches your habits.

There are different ways of epilation and you should choose from them based on your habits. For example, if you feel convenient to combine your epilation work with bathing, then a wet or foam epilation should work the best.  If you think dry version is much simpler to use and you can easily find time and privacy to do epilation, go ahead to choose dry epilator.


3. Do wet/foam epilation with the right water temperature.

Actually, there is no big difference in hair removal when you are using warm water or cold water. However, you should always avoid using hot water, because it can strip the skin of moisture, open the pores and leave them there, which leads to more pain and after-epilation redness.


4. Well-prepared skin can significantly reduce the pain during epilation.

Although individual pain threshold varies with different people, it is an easier way to reduce pain when you have well-prepared skin. If you are doing dry version, try some well-moisturised and non-greasy skin aids. If you are doing foam or wet process, it is recommended that you gently rub the skin with a pumice stone so that the skin will be ready for the following tweezing. You can choose to pour shower gel over the foam epilator head or rubbed onto the skin.


5. Start epilation from less painful area.

The lower legs are the least painful area for women during epilation, so this is where you should start with. You can also stretch the skin you are epilating with your unoccupied hand to further reduce the pain. By beginning with less painful area, your pain threshold increase gradually and it will be easier when you are dealing with more sensitive areas.


6. You should keep in mind that regular mild body exfoliation can do the opposite with the epilators.

As the body exfoliation can help hairs in grown, you may need to use razors often.


7. Don’t care too much about the water in the epilator.

When you are doing wet epilation, water has chances to enter into the tools; however you should not worry about that because it is designed to be used in a shower. But that doesn’t mean you can just leave the epilator into bathtub for a whole day!


8. You should de regular maintenance for the epilators.

Carefully clean and dry the tool and corresponding attachments with brushes that come with the purchase to remove the hair and skin cells thoroughly. For wet epilators, you need to dry them with a clean towel and remove the hair with a brush. Never ever share your epilator with others and use an epilator that is still charging.


9. Take some time for sensitive skin to return normal after epilation.

If your skins are not dry, it is also better for you to do the epilation at least one day before an important event to avoid the probable post-epilation redness and make you look perfect.


10. Post-epilation treatments are important and never ignore their effects.

The treatment you need to do is not difficult—just use a mild/ice skin-soothing gel to cool your skin. Also, you can choose to use soothing post-waxing oil, if they are good for you.


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