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Top 10 Tips for Keeping down the Household Expenses

Top 10 Tips for Keeping down the Household Expenses

Are you worried about the rising household expenses in face of the economic slow-down? Do you want to keep down such expenditure to meet your limited salary? Here we offer a few tips for your reference in saving money for living a simple and frugal life.

1. Collect the previous receipts and bills.

If you want to save money and keep down the household expenses, you should bear in mind that how you have spent your money. By doing so, you should build up the habit of collecting the previous receipts and bills for such purpose.

2. Analyze your monthly expenses.

In order to know how much you spend for household expenses each month, you should carefully analyze the average expenses for last three months to get the rough idea of your monthly expenditure, which would help you make out the plan for the days to come.

3. Keep away the unnecessary items.

After your analysis of your monthly expenditure, you would find some items you purchase are not your daily necessity, like high-grade wine or fashionable garment. So get rid of them on your shopping list for next month so as to keep down your monthly expenses.

4. Work out a reasonable budget.

After the careful analysis of your monthly expenditure in addition to getting rid of some unnecessary items, now you are ready to work out a budget for your regular expenses, which would include all your daily necessity each month, of course, you should leave some money for entertainment, which is also the important part of the enjoyable life.

5. Make best use of your Internet application.

Nowadays you could rely on the Internet to do almost everything you would expect, you could chat with your family and friends, you could buy things, you could order meals, you name it, the Internet would look after your needs. In this case, maybe you could give up using the home telephone, cable TV and subscription to publications to save your money.

6. Make your home an energy-efficient place.

The usage of electrical appliances at home is definitely the main expense at your home. So, when you buy them, you had better choose high-efficient ones. In addition, you should be used to saving electricity whenever possible, such as unplugging  electronics and appliances if not in use, opening window for air circulation instead of using air-conditioner…, there are a lot of ways you could think of in cutting down your electricity bill.

7. Recycle the used things.

At home, you would have so many used things to be thrown away, like empty jam jars, used newspapers and magazines, and shopping plastics. In order to save money, you had better keep them for a recycling usage for the future.

8. Pay your bills promptly.

As far as your bills are concerned, you should pay them in time, otherwise, you would be charged for late payments. To avoid such problem, you should be clear when and how much you should pay for each bill. If you do it timely and smartly, you would build a better credit rating in the related companies.

9. Be careful of using your credit cards.

Although using credit cards is quite popular and easy these days, it also causes the problem that it tempts you to spend money that you haven’t earned yet. So be careful of using your credit cards if you want to cut down your household expenditures.

10. Go for the public transport.

In order to keep down your expenses, it is better to choose to take the public transport in stead of using your own car, because the price of gasoline remains high owning to the energy shortage. You could also consider having only one car for your family so as to maintain a balanced budget every month.

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