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Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Great Skin

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Great Skin

You may not born with great skin, but you can make your skin better by performing good skin care. Good skin care consists of balanced diet, healthy intake of water, as well as practicing appropriate skin care skills. To better help you take care of your skin, we list top ten skin care tips for great skin, however, different people have various skin conditions, and for example, some people are lucky to just have relatively problem-free skin while others may suffer from acne and blemishes all the year around. The aim of these tips is to help average person to keep in a healthy and balanced complexion. Please remember, if you have any skin problems, you should always go to consult your doctor and get prescription acne medication from them, if necessary.

1. Wear sunscreen anytime when you go outside.

Many people think it is ok not to wear sunscreen when the sun is not fully visible, however, you can still expect a sunburn at that condition. In addition, you should be more careful with you face. Some sunscreens that are meant for face will be a good protection to prevent breakouts.

2. Find a suitable cleanser.

You should find a cleanser that matches your complexion. According to you skin type, you can pick up oil-free facial cleansers or special solutions suitable for normal skin, oily skin or dry skin.

3. Keep your skin moisturized.

This is extra important in winter time. If your skin get dried on a regular basis, you should really have a moisturizer with you, of course it should match your skin type.

4. Treat your blemishes gently.

If you have blemishes on your skin, never try to touch it by hands. Instead, you should gently cleanse it and apply products that are designed for treating them. Usually, good results can be achieved by using a product that contains 10% benzyl peroxide.

5. Don’t forget to remove makeups.

Some people are very tired during one day’s busy work, so they go to bed without removing their makeups. This does not often happen, but when you do, it hurts your skin a lot. The makeup can clog pores if you leave it there for too long and also, problems such as skin irritation and pimples will occur.

6. Avoid too much chocolate.

This is not well proven yet, but people may find if they avoid too much chocolate around big events such as weddings or graduation ceremonies, they will have small chance of surprise breakouts. Hence, you can try this out and decide whether you want to avoid it or not.

7. Drink enough water!

Make sure you have enough water every day because water helps to flush the toxins from our body.

8. Keep a balanced diet.

All things in our body should be in an order and balance. You should take good care of our body and try not to indulge too much salty snacks, alcoholic beverages, etc.

9. Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Moisturize.

You should have your own pattern, or say, regular facial cleansing routine to practice cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturizing every day so that your skin can be balanced and healthy.

10. Try out facial mud masques.

Facial mud masques are good assistant to soak up excess skin oils. You are recommended to apply it once a week, and you can witness the difference in the softness of your skin. Keep on using it, eventually you will see the oils on the surface of your skin are amazingly decreasing.
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