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Top 10 Job Interview Tips

Top 10 Job Interview Tips

Nowadays, organizations are employing more sophisticated job interview techniques than before and you may undergo a lot of tests before you get the chance for the face-to-face contact. It is very difficult to gauge things that might be encountered at an interview, but with the help of following tips, you will be more prepared for your next job interview.

1. Get familiar with the interview location and arrive at least ten to twenty minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Use the extra time to check your appearance in the restroom, introduce yourself to the receptionist and turn off your cell phone completely.

2. Before the interview, you should anticipate questions that might be asked and practice answering those questions. You can practice either in from of a mirror or find a friend to conduct a mock interview.

3. Do some research on the company and department you are interviewing with so that you can show you interest for the company and can also prepare some questions for the interviewer.

4. Dress properly for the interview. Wearing neat and professional outfits conveys your respect and seriousness about the job position, which can leave a good impression on the interviewers. Women should wear simple-styled hair and men should wear in a fresh haircut.

5. Present both your strengths and weakness. You can also provide some examples of how a specific working situation could offer the necessary tools to strengthen your weakness.

6. Make appropriate eye contact with the interviewer and listen intently to her. Establish a rapport that is casual but professional and don’t volunteer your personal opinions.

7. Ask some questions concerning the responsibilities of the job position. You will be able to impress the interviewer by asking the goals of the company and how you can match your personal goal with the company’s.

8. Sell your skills to the interviewers with a positive manner. Describe what makes you different and stand out from other applicants.

9. Make sure your responses during the interview is consistent with the information you provided in the resume. Carry all the pertinent documents such as resume, transcripts, and personal reference sheets with you.

10.Follow up with a thank-you letter or email to express your appreciation to the interviewers who gave you the opportunity of the interview. Thank each of your interviewers for their time and consideration. Again, demonstrate your interest in the position and restate your commitment to the goals of the organization.

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