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Top 10 Job Interview Tips on Etiquettes

Top 10 Job Interview Tips on Etiquettes

Generally, you will leave your first impression to the interviewer during the first few minutes of your interview. It is important to form a solid good impression and here are some tips for etiquettes you might want to pay attention for your upcoming interview.

1. Prior to your interview, talk to employees working at the company. If possible, you can hang around outside the company while keep an eye on the employees when they are arriving, especially for their dressing and behavior.

2. Learn the name, title and other necessary information about your interviewer. Arrive at the scheduled interview location at least ten to twenty minutes earlier so that you will have some time to collect your thoughts.

3. Greet and acknowledge the secretary or the administrative assistant. Although it seems to be an old-fashioned courtesy, this person might have some influence on the decision.

4. Bring extra copies of your resume and letter of recommendation in case your interviewer doesn’t have these documents in hand.

5. Keep open and enthusiastic. When talking with the interviewer, face to him or her with your arms and legs uncrossed while keep maintain your head up and face and hands at ease. Keep a warm smile and look at the interviewer into the eyes.

6. Do some homework prior to the interview so that you will have a good understanding of the company’s history, business, products, target clients, market and direction.

7. Prepare several relevant questions to ask and when you are listening to your interviewer, listen carefully and intently.

8. Give the impression that you have already been one of the team by replacing “I” in your statement with “we” when you are asking questions about how something is done. For example, say something like “How can we deal with the press?”

9. When you are about to finish the interview, conclude with a positive statement and give your interviewer a firm and quick handshake. Ask when is a good time to follow up and inquire for business card from your interviewer.

10. Send a thank-you note after the interview but within 24 hours. Express your appreciation for the interviewer and restate your interest in the position.

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