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Top 10 Beauty Tips

Top 10 Beauty Tips


If I have a magic that can make you become more become more beautiful, will you ask me to do that? Of course, right? But the truth is, you don’t need to wait me to do that magic—you can achieve that all by yourself! Here are ten best ways for you and after reading you will learn how to be more beautiful.

1. Check the details before you go out in the morning.

The first tips is a kind of old-fashioned term which is used to be called as “good morning”. Try to get up a little bit earlier than you normally do, and avoid wrapping up yourself, chipping nail polish and rush downstairs in heel shoes or even with lipstick on your teeth. You’d better look at your makeups carefully in the mirror or fiddling with your hair and ensure you can take good care of the details according to you daily beauty routines. Give yourself a final check before you leave the door and start your beautiful day!

2. Spend some time to learn how to make up properly.

We all know makeup has the magic power to enhance your beauty but the condition is you have to learn to apply it in a proper way. Please spend some time to learn and experiment and figure out the best looking for you in different occasions. If you still struggle for this, you can participate in makeup lesson or free makeover at a cosmetic counter to find some fresh ideas with makeup tips.

3. Skin care is essential!

Perfect skin can make you more beautiful, but not all of us have it. I know how it feels when you are struggling with skin problems because I was suffering from acne most of my teenage years. Fortunately, there do exist some good solutions for you. You can go visiting your doctor or a skin specialist for advice on the possible approach to solve your severe acne problem. If your problems are milder, you can seek for suggestions over the counter skin care ranges catering for problem skin. Overall, no matter what problem you have with your skin, you always need to treat it as gently as you can, keep it clean and moisturized as well as protect it from direct exposure to sun and harsh weather. Select skin care products that match your skin type and don’t forget your body skin—skin care never stops under your neck!

4. Have a balanced diet is highly recommended.

You can read about advice everywhere on getting the right minerals and vitamins to look good, however you can still look beautiful on a poor but balanced diet. The best way is you skip any junk food most of the time and eat plenty of fresh food including vegetables and fruits along with low fat protein, also a bit of fish or nuts and seeds. In addition, please keep in mind that “size zero” does not equal to “beautiful”, instead, most women look better with “a bit of meat on the bones”. Hence, you don’t have to worry too much about your diet. If you think you are about to go overweight, you can check if you have stomach hanging over your jeans or more than one chin. If so, it is high time you started to do something and had a more balanced diet plan.

5. Exercise can keep you beautiful.

Imagine yourself huffing and puffing just after a couple of flights of stairs, is it beautiful? You should know if you don’t have energy throughout the day, then that’s not lovely either. This means fitness is a must for beauty, not to mention it can allow you live longer. The exercise here does not mean you need to be like an athlete and do the boring exercise every day. Instead, you can just try dancing or roller skating, tennis, swimming, or anything you like. If you can’t find a time slot to do exercises constantly, then just take a walk in the fresh air several times a week. Keep fit and have fun!

6. Get yourself a great hair style.

Get a hair style that matches your face and personality is an easy way to be more beautiful. Maybe you have limited time for styling on your hands, so don’t try to curl straight hair or the other way around. What you need is just a style that makes the most of your own natures. You can keep your hair in good conditions with mild shampoo and regular conditioning treatments designed for your hair type. If you have frizzy hair or flaky scalp, then you will need to choose from the best serums and treatments available that can deal with most problems under the sun.

7. Show your beautiful hands!

Our hands are a highly visible part of our body that when you shake hands with others or if you have some gestures, people will easily observe whether your hands are soft with manicured well-cared for nails or rough with nails bitten to the quick or something in between. If you want to keep your hands beautiful, the best thing to do is maintaining a regular nail and hand care routine. Also, do not forget about your feet. If you can treat them as if they were on show all year around, you don’t have to worry about them when they are.

8. Fashion plays a huge role in beauty.

A beautiful girl can look terrible in wrong clothes. Fashion and clothes have huge influences on what you look like. However, not all of us have the chance to wear the best designer stuff, but at least, we can get together a capsule wardrobe of basics that suits you and then pep up your collection of clothes with a few current bits and pieces each fashion season. A lady looks great even in a fresh with t-shirt with blue jeans, as long as all these stuffs are in the right shape for her.

9. Take a time out if you feel tired.

If you feel stressed or tired all the time, finally it’s going to show on your face. You may think it’s not that obvious showing how tired you are but the fact is people can see the stress or the world weary look on your face and in how you move. To show your best status, you need to have enough rest. Do not be working and partying all around. Plan some down time and get adequate sleeping and eventually you’ll be amazed about the results. For relax, you pick up a DVD of class or therapy, or doing yoga, meditation or massage. Reading book, of course, if a good choice, but keep in mind the aim of the book is to relax and help sleep, so get rid of those heavy mind improving contents.

10. A beautiful attitude makes you more beautiful!

After talking about so much beauty tips, there is one most important thing to mention. All the previous tips are about your visible beauty, while this one is about a positive attitude. If you have a beautiful attitude towards everything, treat everyone you meet as you would like to be treated, you will become more than just beautiful in your looking. A big smile and a thank you go a long way. Some old-fashioned terms are creeping here, such as “good manners”, “gracious” and “respect for others”. Sometimes the old values still extremely important for nowadays and of course, there are more than ten beauty tips, so try whatever is good for you, and make yourself more beautiful!

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