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TOEFL Writing Tips

TOEFL Writing Tips
If you are planning to go to an English-speaking university for further study, as a foreign student, whether you are accepted or rejected depends on a good score on your TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam. The TOEFL test consists of three parts: listening, writing and reading. Writing the essay is a very important part of the exam, because it could determine the proficiency in English writing of the student. Here are a few tips you could follow in regard to writing the TOEFL essay.

1. Get ready for the exam.

You only get 30 minutes to finish your essay, so you should allot your time cleverly. It is kindly suggested that you should read your question carefully at first, because it is necessary to have a full understanding of the question before you start with writing. Go for a quick brainstorm. Remember to outline your main points so as to know clearly of what you are planning to write.

2. Concentrate on the questions.

In TOEFL essay writing, you would be presented with different types of questions. One type requests you to select a point of view and give  your support to that view. Another might ask you to make comparison between two points of view and then give explanation of which is one you agree with. Therefore, you should always make a choice and present your supporting details and certain examples for the reason why you have chosen that one. Another question might require you to make a description of something. For example, you might be asked the question like “If you could invent something new, what would it be?”  It could be challenging task, because you should be creative in your description as well as details. In addition, you will not be allowed to select your own topic; instead you have to write on the topic presented to you.

3. Pay attention to parts of the essay.

All essays should consist of three parts, namely introduction, body and conclusion. What you have to do is start with your introduction by presenting a general statement about your topic and finish your essay with a more specific statement. The body is composed of paragraphs in which you could illustrate your topic in detail. So you should be aware that one paragraph is dedicated to each main idea and give concrete examples to support your point. In the last paragraph, you could draw the conclusion, by which you should restate the main ideas of your essay.

4. Allot your time smartly.

In essay writing, you have just 30 minutes to use. So it is strongly advised that you should allot your time wisely, you could allot your time in the following way, 2 minutes for reading and understanding the question, 8 minutes for organizing your ideas into an outline, 15 minutes for writing the essay with clear details and supportive examples and at last use 5 minutes for proofreading and correcting.

5. Extra Tips.

It is good idea to proofread your essay carefully when you have finished it. You should focus on correct any grammatical errors, improper punctuation or misspelling. It is necessary to use transition words to allow your ideas go from one paragraph to another. The last but not least, you should be careful about the examples you have given are in good support to your ideas.

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