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Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger


Makeup is a good way to change facial features for those people seeking a safer method than cosmetic surgery. If you are bothered by small eyes and have been thinking of opening your eyes, appropriate eye make-up will save you from this dilemma. Here are some simple tips to help you create charming brighten larger eyes.

Light colored eyeliner will attract more attention to the eyes themselves compared to black eyeliner that emphasize eyelids too much. Using eyeliner just for the outer half on both lid is also vital important. It will leave people an open-eyes impression by not lining the inner half of the lids.

Black, bold and curling eyelashes enlarge eye a lot. Two layers of the mascara will be necessary to create thick and longer lashes. Give half minute to allow the mascara to dry between the two layers of mascara. Make sure both upper and lower lashes are applied Mascara. After the second layer of mascara is dried, curl the lashes lightly with a lash curler.

Eyeshadow in lighter shades could enlarge and brighten small eyes. First use a pastel color as a base color on the whole eyelid. Then apply a lighter color between the brow line and eyelid crease. The blends could lift small eyes.

Always keep your brows clean and in good shape using tweezers to pluck stray hairs outside your eyebrow line as those stray hairs will shadow over your eyes, even you could not notice, and make your eyes look smaller. A brow pencil could be used to darken your eyebrow if you think they are too thin.

Image source: aroundmakeup