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Tips on Writing Animal Stories

Tips on Writing Animal Stories
You may hear of George Orwell and his “Animal Farm,” the very popular animal fiction. When he wrote his sentences, he always asked himself four questions, such as what he was intended to say; what words he liked to choose for their expressions; what image he preferred to illustrate his idea in a clear way; and what the original image he thought to present good effect. Such questions would be much helpful to start with writing anything, not just for animal fiction. In addition, here are a few other tips you could follow in writing your own animal stories.

1. Try to avoid some obvious “cuteness”.

As showed in some professional writing websites, it is the tendency for writers of animal stories to exaggerate the “cute” sides of animals. By doing so, they would name the animal in an alliterative way, like calling the dog as Peter Puppy or offering the animals too much mannerism, for example, showing the way a rabbit’s nose twitches when they are given carrots. So you had better rule out such possibility.

2. Remember to develop the characteristics of your own animal.

One of the important factors related with people’s fancy of animal stories is that they could able to tell truths and make comments about the human condition in the way that they could show humanity’s downfalls and virtues. Therefore, when you write your animal story, you should make efforts to think out your animal characters and and try hard to humanize them as expected.

3. Go for your targeted readers.

Orwell’s “Animal Farm” tends to cater for educated readers and younger people might find difficulty in understanding his social commentary. So you should be careful of your targeted readers, for whom you should tailor the plot and the characters. It is suggested that you would focus on the older audience; you should make your animal traits much close to real life.

4. Have a study of previous animal stories.

If you want to develop your characters, you should take time to read well-known animal stories and watch popular animal movies so as to get better know how to make the plots. In this way, it could help you remain original in the attempt to present your animal story more creative rather than derivative or cliché.

Image source: the guardian