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Tips on Moving Furniture in the Rain

Tips on Moving Furniture in the Rain

It is commonly accepted that moving is a quite difficult task. It would take you months to prepare for planning and packing. However, just before you get everything ready to go, it suddenly rains. How do you maintain your furniture and your mind unaffected at the same time? The following tips would help you prevent your cherished items from being ruined because of inclement weather.

To get prepared in advance.

It is strongly suggested that you should plan ahead as best as you could. You should watch forecasts on TV and check the local news to know the whether that week. If rain is unfortunately forecasted and you have not finished packing everything yet, then you could consider some extra precautions. By doing so, you could buy the various kinds of waterproof containers in different size to accommodate your belongings such as bags, plastic containers as well as soft and hard cases. To purchase these things, you could order them online or buy in a neighborhood store. You had better place the most vulnerable items in such containers after you have wrapped them separately with plastic or bubble wrap, and then newspaper if they are fragile. You should make sure that they are properly padded within the enclosure.

To go for last-minute options.

If all of your plans have been implemented accordingly, and everything is ready for moving after packed. If it suddenly starts raining, you should go for the last-minute options. It is kindly recommended that you should buy some plastic tarps your local dollar store and use them for your paintings, which could be wrapped around or simply draped over their tops while being put inside the truck. At such moment, you might resort to duct tape, which could be used for securing the plastic tarps around things, and remember to apply the tape while the tarp is dry. You should be much concerned about moving any type of plastic, because it might turn slippery when wet. If necessary, you should have some old carpet pieces or runner carpeting placed outside of the door so as to stop the water and mud carried on shoes from damaging your floors. When you have to load furniture into a truck without the top and keep your items exposed, you should make it sure that every item is individually and properly wrapped. In addition, you should place more tarps underneath furniture them to keep water from seeping in underneath. Once they are secure inside, you should fasten a large waterproof cloth tarp over the top of all items. It is also suggested that when you unload furniture at your new house, you should handle things packed in cardboard boxes from the bottom and with care, because they have become damp during transportation.

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