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Tips on How to Measure Golf Shaft

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In order to get a proper fit, it is very important to know well about the thickness of the golf club shaft tip as you install a new club head. If a shaft tip is too small, it would fail to secure itself with the glue, but as for a large shaft tip, it would be incapable of having enough glue to bond between the club head. So, if you could learn those tips as follows, you would be able to measure the golf shaft tip so as to make sure that a proper would fit into the club head hosel correctly.

  1. By applying a moistened paper towel or coarse sandpaper to remove any debris on the golf shaft tip.    .

2. Put a club head hosel on the golf shaft and then mark the point in which the shaft meets the hosel rim.

3. With a piece of sandpaper, you should scrape the shaft coating. You are suggested to begin with the mark you made in Step 2 and then up to the shaft tip. Keep scraping until you have completely removed the shiny coating.

4. By the means of the electronic or manual calipers, you could now measure the golf shaft tips. By doing so, you could put the caliper arms around the tip of the golf shaft.

5. With electronic calipers, you could see the measurement on the device screen, but remember to reset and calibrate them before measuring the shaft tips. Regulation golf shafts range from .270 to .370 inches in tip thickness.

Image source: Golfsmith