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Tips on How to Fix Golf Swing

Tips on How to Fix Golf Swing

Are you a golfer that make people take cover when you are about to swing at the tee? Did your last several sets of golf balls go to the Bermuda Triangle? It is high time that you went through your swing process and visit your driving range. You need bring a friend of yours with you, who is an experienced player, to watch you play and observe the parts of your swing that can be improved. Here we have a few tips for right-handed golfers to fix golf swing, and if you are left-handed, please create a mirror image and practice.

1. Grip.

The club should be gripped using your left hand and lie your thumb along the shaft. Point the line that is between your index finger and thumb towards your right eye. Wrap up your right hand over the left one and fit your left thumb into the cup that is formed by your right palm.

2. Stance.

Adjust your stance by slightly pointing your knees. Your right foot needs to be pointed straight ahead while the left one should be to the left slightly. If you are using a five-iron, you should set apart your feet with shoulder width and if a shorter clubs is used, you should change to a narrower stance.

3. Elbows and arms.

You should bring elbows and arms close together so that when you are ready in the stance, the right elbow is directly pointing at your right hip, while the left elbow is pointing directly at your left hip.

4. Backswing.

You can imagine a flat plane that is extending from the ball to your shoulders. When you back swing, your hands should have parallel movement to the imaginary plane. The process of backswing should be initiated by your hands, and followed by arms and shoulders.

5. Downswing.

Start the downswing through rotating of hips back toward the golf ball. Swing should begin with hips, or it will lack power. Point your left wrist bone at the ball when the club contacts with the ball.

6. Learn more from professionals.

Some professional golf websites such as provide a bunch of golf tips and videos for people who have problems in swing and some common mistakes including slicing and hitting the ball too thin.

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