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Tips for Women with PCOS to Lose Weight

Tips for Women with PCOS to Lose Weight

PCOS is the short term of polycystic ovary syndrome, which is related to the condition in women who have the unbalanced hormones, thus causing insulin-resistance, irregularity of menstrual periods, unwanted hair growth; therefore it is quite difficult for women if they want to lose weight. However, if women could follow a healthy diet which could enable women with PCOS handle their symptoms well and at the same time achieve the goal of weight loss.

1. Have a careful meal plan.

It is common that women with PCOS would be often in the high insulin levels. So the diet focusing on foods with a low glycemic index (GI) should be recommended so as to help them lose weight. We all know that low-GI foods would have little impact on blood sugar levels, ensuring women to keep the normal levels as much as possible. Foods with high content of carbohydrates are regarded with higher glycemic index as well. However, if you could have more vegetables like eggplant or, artichokes, glycemic index would be much lower. It is strongly suggested that you should have less than 40 percent of carbohydrate as your daily intake. It would be greatly helpful for women with PCOS in reduction of their insulin levels for the aim of being more energetic and inspiration of losing weight.

2. Have more Low-GI foods.

If you want to have a PCOS-friendly diet, you should go for 5 to 6 small meals each day (consuming 200 to 300 calories) for the balanced insulin levels. Here we give a list detailing the content of low-GI in foods you are advised to take in your daily life. You should remember that the foods with a GI ranking below 55 are seen as a low-GI ones, such as multi-grain bread – 48 GI, all-bran – 42 GI, low-fat yogurt – 14 GI, cherries – 22 GI, spaghetti – 27 GI, peanuts – 15 GI, tomato soup – 38 GI, cauliflower – 15 GI

3. Avoid taking certain foods.

As you know that there are some foods which are helpful for women with PCOS in their attempt of losing weight, therefore, you should be careful about taking some foods with a GI higher than 70, because such foods have higher content of fat as well as carbohydrates, including baguettes, doughnuts, millet flour, cornflakes, potato, brown rice pasta, jelly beans, chips, baked potatoes, broad beans, tortilla chips and pretzels. If you want to resist higher insulin levels, you should avoid taking these foods, and move smoothly on the road of weight loss.

4. Go for more exercises.

As a woman PCOS, it is very important to keep on a healthy diet, at the same time, you should also pay more attention to doing regular exercises. It is kindly advised that you should go for doing exercises at least 30 minutes every day. As for the type of exercises, you could do something alternately between cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics classes, bicycling and hiking, or the exercises related to building your muscles, like push-ups, tricep dips, squats or resistance bands.

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