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Tips for Wining at Miniature Golf

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If you are a golf fan, sometimes you want to seek for family fun or leave impression on your date, or simply practice your basic golf skills; the miniature golf is the better option for such purposes. If you are intended to win a miniature golf, you are kindly suggested to follow these tips.

1. Keep practicing your putts.

Regardless of so many windmills and waterfalls you have to face, you must think that miniature golf is actually simply series of putting greens. Take your putter tightly and then swing from the shoulders rather than the wrists. Try to avoid shifting your feet and maintain the putter face square.

2. Get familiar with the course.

You should become familiar with the obstacles and tricks by walking the course when you are trying the adventure-style golf. As for a more traditional putt-putt one, you have to know better of the layout of the holes. Your miniature golf score card would enable you to have an overview of the course, along with the par for each hole.

3. Try to be focused on the hole.

If you want to keep a Zen-like concentration, you should get rid of distractions such as fire breathing dragons and revolving wickets. To win at miniature golf, you have to overcome some off-course distractions like mosquitoes if playing at night or summer thunderstorms. In addition, you should also tackle the problem of navigating unplanned obstacles such as spilled ice cream cones and wandering toddlers as well as the occasional squirrel.

4. Pay attention to saving strokes.

In order to stay on or below par, you should not hit too hard, because it is just putting, not the long game. Go for the direct-route alternatives, which would help you skip the castle drawbridge or water hazard that are generally hidden in little-noticed corners. Be careful of banking putts off bumpers and other obstacles. For the best angle, you had better examine your second-shot lie from both sides.

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