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Tips for Tosca Reno’s “Eat Clean Diet”

Tips for Tosca Reno’s “Eat Clean Diet”

“Eat Clean Diet” is kind of a modern diet invented by Tosca Reno. Such diet is focused on more green vegetables rather than breads and non-water beverages. If you want to start with this diet, it is quite easy and following a few tips, you could practice it so as to do something in regard to losing weight.

Have more green vegetables in your daily diet.

Although Tosca Reno’s diet is similar to some other popular diets for losing weight, but it should be unique in some sense. For instance, the South Beach Diet and the Eat Clean Diet concentrate on the importance of eating lean meats like chicken and fish and at the same time they suggest that people should have smaller meals, but more frequently to speed up metabolism. And the best beverage you should drink is water.

However, Tosca Reno is different from such diets, because it is not much concerned about packaging portions, calories or counting points. So it cares more about is to eat enough good food and stay away for those bad foods.

The most important in Reno’s diet is vegetables. The greener the vegetables are, the better they are for your health. Green vegetables, such as celery, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, spinach and asparagus should be included in your diet.

Before you are engaged in Reno’s diet, you should consider to start with cleansing your body and get used to such diet by taking more green vegetables and trying to eat red meat and bread as little as possible.

Do some exercises for 40 minutes daily.

To help you adapt to the diet, you should begin with some exercises on a regular basis. It is also one part of the Reno’s Eat Clean Diet different from the others. While some diets concentrate on what foods you should have and what foods you should avoid eating, Reno’s Eat Clean Diet, apart from that, also suggests that you should do some exercise for 40 minutes at least five times per week. You should go for the exercises such as jogging, speed walking, bicycling as well as yoga.

At the same time, you should take additional supplements and nutrients regularly in addition to doing exercises. The protein powder mixed with a glass of water is also much helpful together with some calcium pills, because you have cut down the intake of dairy in the Eat Clean Diet.

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