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Tips for the Cleansing Diet before a Wedding

Tips for the Cleansing Diet before a WeddingThe cleansing diet could be useful in weight loss and improvement of skin, hair and nails to a bride. Many ladies would usually have a cleansing diet some time before their wedding day for well-preparation of the most important event in their lives. A cleansing diet would do a lot of good to get rid of wastes and toxins within her body, which have been accumulated over the time in her digestive system. Some women might have the maximum of 25 pounds of built-up waste in their colon, which are closely linked with weight gain, bloating and other health problems.

1. If you want to have a right cleansing diet, you could look for the one which suits you best on the Internet. When you start with a proper and healthy diet, it is unnecessary to lose much weight. What you should do is just put some psyllium into your diet for the purpose of cleansing. 12 ounces of water together with two tablespoons of psyllium is kindly suggested to drink with your meals twice every day. The natural fiber of psyllium would do better with your colon so as to achieve the goal of removal of accumulated toxins and waste.

2. If you would like to lose your weight quickly, you had better go for the Master Cleanser Diet, also accepted as the Lemonade Diet. Hollywood celebrities do appreciate the Master Cleanser Die when they are working for a good appearance in a movie or television show, because it is extreme, but also quite safe once it could be managed properly. As for such diet plan, it is very simple, incorporating three unusual ingredients such as grade B maple syrup, lemon juice as well as cayenne pepper into it in order to detoxify the digestive system.

3. As far as the Master Cleanser Diet is concerned, you should mix two pinches of cayenne pepper, two tablespoons of maple syrup and two tablespoons of lemon juice with 12-16 ounces of purified water. Whenever you are hungry or thirsty, just take this combination all the day long without eating any other food. For the best possible result, you should keep on with such diet from three days to a week. It is kindly recommended that you should take this diet roughly two weeks before your wedding ceremony. After you complete the diet, you should turn to your healthy diet again, which could include organic and sugar-free foods, or white flour, as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits.

4. When you think the Master Cleansing Diet is too strict to be engaged in, then you could try diet with pure vegetable juice. You are strongly suggested to blend organic lettuce, celery, cucumbers, spinach and carrots with purified water. When you feel hungry, you should such blended drink throughout the day. In addition, you should remember to drink more 60 ounces of water on a daily basis as well. You could practice such diet up to two weeks before your wedding ceremony.

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