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Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms Expecting Job Interview


When some stay-at-home moms want to go back to work again, it is certain that they should reset themselves and get ready for a job interview, because they have stayed away from workforce for some time. The most important thing for such moms to consider is the pick up the confidence, which means that they should regard their previous working experience as still valuable and the reason that they stay home is just because of looking after their children, not because of their incapability in work. Here are a few tips stay-at-home moms should learn when they are going to a job interview.

1. Deal with the tough questions carefully.

When you go to the job interview, you have to answer the questions raised by a hiring manager, questions about your educational background, your professional skills as well as your work experience, especially questions specific to why you quitted your job and what you have been doing since then. As for answers to such questions, you should do them in a professional way, or in other word, try to keep them closely linked with the job. It is strongly suggested that you should make it clear why you choose to stay home and then move on to the point what you could contribute to the company if hired. A potential employer wants to see how you maintain your skills and knowledge up-to-date and you are capable of backing to the workforce in a short time. You should remember to talk more about your ability instead of your family life.

2. Get ready through your homework.

Before going to an interview, you should do your research about the company you have applied for. You should be well-informed about the history and development of such company. If you know about the company beforehand, it would impress the interviewer that you are quite interested in the job and show your aspiration to work for it. During the process of collecting information, you could prepare a list of questions you intend to raise to the employer if you get the chance to ask or you are asked to do so, because by asking questions, you could demonstrate how well you know the company and what you would offer if you are given the opportunity to work for the company.

3. Do your practice before interview.

Like other job seekers, if you want to make your interview a successful one, you need to do some practice in regard to the coming interview. You are kindly suggested to anticipate some questions that might be raised by you potential employer and then ask one of your friends to help you practice to see if any improvement should be made concerning your facial expressions and body language. By doing practice, you would make progress and get ready for the interview.

4. Present the best image you could.

The first impression you leave on the interviewer is very important. If you could make it well at the first time, you could get the chance to move into the second round for the job you are looking for. Apart from your resume, a hiring manager would focus on the way you look and behave. Therefore, you should dress properly, with the business attire, and furthermore, you should have your hands well-kept and your hair neat. A few days before interview, you should choose the suitable outfit and try it on to make sure it would match you well in the comfortable way. With proper dress, you would feel confident in the interview and help you get the job you expect.

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