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Tips for Self-introduction in the Job Interview

Tips for self-introduction in the job interview

When you have the chance for an interview, you would often face the question– Tell me something about yourself,” to be answered in most cases. A lot of interviewees are worried about how to take this question in the satisfactory. Here are some key tips you should bear in mind when you are asked to answer such question.

1. Focus on main points.

It is very common for the job seeker to take the opportunity to talk more about their own achievement when answering this question. However if you tell something which is not closely linked with the position you are applying for, it would not add up necessary scores. For example, the experience as the captain of the baseball team in your high school does not really match with interviewing for a job, only if you are seeking for a job of basketball coach. So, no matter what you tell about yourself, you should be clear that it should have direct links with work performance of the position, for which you have applied. If you want to have a job of secretary, you should illustrate your capability of good organization and well multitasking, which are fundamental advantages for the job of a secretary.

2. Keep on being professional.

Every time your interviewer request you to tell something about yourself, he is not interested in whether you are married, how many kids you have or how far you live from the company. What strikes him more is if you have the qualification and professional skills for the position you are applying for. So, instead of taking the opportunity for sharing your personal affairs, you should give a vivid description of your professional highlights to attract his attention. For example, if you want to apply for the position of salesman or saleswoman, it would be much proper for you to tell about the outstanding achievement you have made in your previous jobs or what you have done in selling for selling the most-expensive item or the hardest-to-sell item in your last company because of the most useful knacks for sales you have.

3. Go for your strong points.

When you are going to answer this question, you should take such opportunity to go further with your strong points, which may be given later during the interview. Remember that even if you have presented your detailed resume, in many cases your interviewer would not have the time or chance to read it thoroughly. So you use the opportunity to quickly go over your professional history in your resume and try to impress your interviewer in a short time.  Any awards you have won or your best ability in doing something, both in academic or professional aspects would arouse the interests and attention of the interviewer. Anyway, you should answer this question as an invitation from interviewer to brag about yourself for the accomplishments you have made and the potential assets you could bring to the company.

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