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Tips for Saving Money during Your Travel

Tips for Saving Money during Your Travel

When you are planning a trip abroad, one of the biggest issues needing your consideration is how to reduce the cost as well as saving the money. If you would like to visit Europe or go for a cruise trip, it is kindly suggested that you should book your trip earlier during the off-season in regard to saving money in international air tickets, cruise cost and hotel accommodation. When you get to your destination, what you need to do is to find ways in minimizing your expenditure while you could enjoy as much as fun from your trip.

1. Cut down your costs in eating.

 If your hotel offers breakfast, just take it, for there is no need to dine out, paying extra money for the breakfast, which is already included in your payment.

Buy your fruit, sandwiches or granola at the groceries in the local area. If possible you could take some when you leave home. Bring such stuff with you to eat any time you get hungry instead of dining at a restaurant.

Try to cut down the number of meals at a restaurant to one each day, only if could you want really to taste the local flavors intently.

Go for a street vendor in your destination, which could help you try some of typical food of the local residents while it could be effective in saving your eating cost.

Although having fast food would be not tasteful, but in fact it could definitely save you some money.

Instead of drinking soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, you could keep drinking tap water while having your meal. The bottled water or soft drinks could be bought quite cheaply at bulks at a corner shop or grocery in local area.

2. Reduce your lodging costs.

If you are a member of AAA, show it when you book your hotel, you may get some discount because of your membership.

When you book your hotel room, you should select the modest lodging instead of a four-star hotel, because the purpose of your trip is mainly for how much you could enjoy, not how luxurious your hotel room is, so there is no need in spending too much money on your accommodation.

When you are traveling in Europe you had better to stay at a hostel. Compared with hotel room, you may find some incontinence, but it could really save you some money in regard to your lodging.

It would be much cheaper to book your hotel room in advance than going directly to the hotel when arriving at your destination, because some hotels would charge more for on-the-spot reservations.

If you are senior citizen or army man, just check about whether you are qualified for some discounts offered by some hotels where you are going to book or stay.

If allowed, try to avoid booking your hotel in the area that is not safe for tourists. In such case, you may save some money, but you may come across some unexpected risks.

3. Decrease your shopping and sightseeing costs.

Instead of buying your souvenir items you happen to find for the first time, you had better go around more shops to your favorites for the best prices.

If you want to buy something memorable and bring home, you could go to the local shops rather than the souvenir shops especially for tourist. If you have enough time, why not try the local open markets and enjoy the bargaining with the merchants.

During your trip in some foreign country, you should take your credit card for payments of your merchandise. If you want to have exchange of local currency, do use your debit card instead of using U.S. dollars or traveler’s checks to do so, which would ensure you to have the best exchange rate as you expect.

As a student, you could make best use of your student ID to get some special discounts given by some museums and other tourist attractions.

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