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Tips for Quality Customer Service

If you are employees involved in customer service or regular customer contact, you should be aware that to  provide good service would be a challenging task you have to face. So you have to learn skills in handling irate customers and being good at constantly “putting out fires”. Here  are some useful tips you could follow in order to provide effective and high-quality customer service.

1. To allow the customer to vent

When dissatisfied customers are getting unhappy and frustrated, the best thing you could do is to just let them vent. If you interrupt them during their tirade, it is more likely that they would turn even angrier. In the end, they would run out of steam and get calmed down, and then you would be capable of dealing with them in a rational manner.

2.To apologize

As soon as the customer has the problem explained, you should offer an apology. Even if you think it is not your  fault for the customer’s problem, because an apology could easily diffuse anger. And with your apology, the customer feel he is being dealt with respect. If your company is at fault for the problem, an apology indicates that you recognize the situation and are happy to offer any help.

3.To seek approval

When you offer a solution to the customer, remember to ask her or him to accept it or not . For instance, if the customer purchased defective merchandise, she or he might like to receive a refund rather than a replacement product. If you’re not authorized to offer a refund, you had better present some other alternatives such as a free product upgrade or a coupon for free merchandise.

4.To make it happen

If a customer makes a reasonable request, try to find out a way that you can honor it rather than just instantly saying, “No, it’s against company policy.” If a customer prefer having something shipped tomorrow to waiting three days, you should immediately make contact with the shipping department to see if it is workable. Even if it is unfeasible, can’t be done, the customer would be happy to appreciate your effort made in this regard.

5.To follow up

If you can’t solve the problem on the spot, and need to take additional steps, then you should make the customer clear of a specific time frame as to when you will be back in touch. Be sure to get in touch with the customer within the time frame. If a delay happens, contact the customer immediately and give rational explanation about the current situation. Once you implement the solution, follow up with the customer within a short period to see how things are working out.