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Tips for Preparation of a Pharmacy Job Interview

Tips for Preparation of a Pharmacy Job Interview

Unlike some kinds of traditional careers, the job in a pharmacy is quite different, for the staff working for pharmacies should have the big responsibility for their customers who always rely on the medications dispensed by pharmacies for their treatment or survival. So, in regard to the pharmacy job interview, you should show up some special skills and qualifications, which are listed as follows.

1. Demonstrate your ability of focusing on details.

It is common that every job needs you ability to pay attention to details in one way or another. However it is more important for those working in a pharmacy to have such skill, because the safety of a customer or a patient critically depends on it. Therefore, you should make sure to demonstrate that you are the person of detail-oriented during the interview. You could identify it by showing you have such qualifications, such as your knowledge of daily operation of the pharmacy, wearing nicely chosen clothes so as to proofread your presented resume. Although they are necessary for every job interview, they are particularly important for you to apply a position in the pharmacy.

2. Show your academic achievements.

As we all know that every position in a pharmacy needs some special and strong academic skills, such as calculating, writing and reading. You should be aware which kind of skill you should focus on a particular position. For example, if you are applying for the position of a biller, you need to stress your strong points on medical terminology, because it is most important for a biller who could be capable of reading and spelling the difficult medical terms when you bill the parents’ insurance companies in terms of supplies and medication. As for the position of a pharmacy technician, you should emphasize more on your expertise in mathematics, for you should know better of how much of a solution and how many pills should be dispensed as your main responsibility is required for filing prescriptions. If you are applying the job of pharmacist, you should be well-qualified in biology and chemistry to make sure that the drugs dispensed to patients won’t act with one another.

3. Illustrate your role as a team player.

As far as the certain kind of jobs are concerned, it is ideal for one to work individually and independently. However, the staff working in the pharmacy should show their best roles of team players. No matter which position you are holding in a pharmacy, a biller, pharmacy technician or a pharmacist, you should work closely together with other staff members as a team to make sure that the patients you receive could enjoy quick and timely service in having their correct medication. So in this respect, you should give your interviewer a verbal picture of your capability and intent to work as a team player, by offering the example of the case in which you have helped one of your colleagues to finish a project satisfactorily or you could be intended work overtime once the deadline of work draws near.

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