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Tips for Nintendo Wii Golf Games


Wii Golf is kind of the Wii Sports game sold together with the game console. The game is characteristic of simple and accurate golf simulation to guide the swing with actual wind effects by using the motion-sensing controller. As for each level, a three-hole course is offered for beginner, intermediate and expert respectively. You will have to face more challenges as the level goes higher with longer holes and stronger wind as well as more tasks to avoid hazards. In addition, you could also go for all nine holes for the continuous course.

1. Know more about the power meter.

When you are ready for the shot, the lines will go up the power meter in accordance with the lines indicated on the golf course. Swinging the controller slow or fast will decide how high up the power meter you want to get. If you have decided which line to go for, you are kindly suggested to adjust for the wind and the slope relating to the golf course. Except for that you finish in the rough or a sand trap, the ball will bounce and roll as it lands on the ground. Swinging too hard and going over the power meter will lead to losing control. As a result, the ball will hook to the left or slice to the right.

When the ball is in the rough or a bunker, the power meter will be shortened, which vividly demonstrating that you lose power and control which happens in such situations. If you get to a bad spot and face a strong wind, you should intently go into the red if the extra power is needed. On the whole, when you hit the ball in any way, the wind will take over and push it in the direction of the arrow.

2. Choose a proper club.

For each shot you have, the game will select a club for automatically. However, in some cases it is not the best option, if you are stuck in a bunker which is far away from the hole yet. Although the game could select the wedge for you, but you would fail to hit with the distance enough to avoid going into the red on the power meter. Therefore, you had better choose an iron, thus hitting the ball softer than you usually do in the way to make sure that the ball would roll along the grass up to the hole. As far as hitting from the edge of the green is concerned, you might like to switch clubs as well. In this case, the game will again choose the wedge, but the putter may be your best option. If you hit the red part of the power meter, putts are not influenced by wind and will not veer off course.

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