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Tips for Keeping the Healthy Kidneys

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As your body’s important filters, the kidneys can effectively get rid of wastes, toxins as well as unnecessary fluids from your body. With a family history of heart conditions, kidney disease or diabetes, you should take extreme care in keeping healthy kidneys so as to make your body work as properly as they should. Here are a few tips in regard to achieving such goal.

1. To go for a full kidney screening.

It is kindly recommended by the National Kidney Disease Education Foundation that you should have a full kidney screening by a blood and urine test to see whether your kidney is in performance. As far as those people who have diabetes or a history of kidney disease are concerned, it is fundamentally necessary to have such a test at least every year, because these conditions could cause some preventable acute or chronic renal failure in an early time. Therefore, you had better take CT or MRI scans on your kidneys to find out any visible damage there, which would take place in a general sense when your blood and urine test could confirm that your kidneys are already compromised.

2. To stay away from stressing your kidneys by proper nutrition.

It is very important to take proper nutrition if you want to keep your kidney healthy. It is strongly advised by some kidney experts that you should do whatever you could in prevention of your kidneys from overworking and getting worn down as you grow older. One of such preventative measures is to not drinking too much water so as to avoid making your kidneys work too hard unnecessarily. Another measure is to avoid taking too much protein, because it could lead to possible premature breakdown of the glomeruli in your kidneys. Furthermore, you should cut down the intake of sodium and take less anti-inflammatory medication regularly, because they are harmful to your kidneys.

3. To maintain the ideal weight.

If you are overweighed, it would put unnecessary pressure on your organs, thus forcing those organs to work extremely hard. If you could get an ideal weight, it would be much helpful in making your organs work properly in the way that they should do. It is especially good to your kidneys in regard to prevent some potential kidney diseases.

4. To make your blood pressure lower.

If you are in the state of high blood pressure, it would make your arteries transport a large amount of blood at a higher pressure into your organs. In this case, your kidneys could be overwhelmed and lead to wearing down over a long period of time. To get a lower blood pressure, you should restrict the intake of caffeine and alcohol, as well as nicotine necessarily, because such toxic substances would clot in your blood stream and then your liver and kidneys are needed to clean them out. If you are unable to control the intake of such substances, it would bring irreparable damage to your kidneys, but as well as your other organs.

5. To take more exercises.

In addition to having a healthy balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins, you should take some kinds of exercises for 30 minutes or more everyday for maintaining proper and good health of your kidneys, because doing exercise would help lower the cholesterol levels, perfect cardiovascular health, cut down blood pressure and weight, which are vitally important and healthy to your kidneys.

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