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Tips for Job Interview as a Beauty Consultant

Tips for Job Interview as a Beauty Consultant

If you are intended to apply a job of beauty consultant, you need to know its definition so as to be well-prepared for the coming interview. The beauty consultant could be divided into two catalogues: those who are working at beauty counters of department stores or shops, offering advice to customers about different brands of cosmetic products as well as their application. And the second group of beauty consultant could be those who are independent beauty-product business people and demonstrate and sell their own cosmetics and other kinds of beauty products. These two kinds of beauty consultants share almost same technical skills. And here we offer a few tips helping you have a successful interview as beauty consultant.

1. Keep a nice appearance of yourself.

There is an old saying that is “Don’t judge people by their appearance”, which we often use it as reference to telling people from their inner substances rather than outer look. However in the interview of beauty consultant, it should be the different case. When you enter into the place for the interview as beauty consultant, you should demonstrate your technical skill and knowledge together with the nice appearance. You should not be born beautifully, but you could make yourself look nicer through a fashionable hairstyle, properly-applied makeup, and polished nails as well as groomed eyebrows, all these not only show up your appearance, but also demonstrate you are well aware of how to use beauty products. If you could do both well, it would add up positive points to your interview success.

2. Show up your technical knowledge of beauty products.

It is good that you keep a pretty face to sell beauty, but more importantly, you should do more than that. You should be professional in demonstration that you have already had the rich experiences and knowledge about beauty products, which you would sell later. If possible, you could try the products by yourself before the interview. By self-trying, you could write down your opinions of their strength and weakness, which you could apply to your interview, not for spoiling the brand name, but showing your own professional expertise. You could also tell your interviewer of your ideas and suggestions about future strategy of promotion and sales for such products, which would help your potential boss know you could work well for the company without further more training.

3. Demonstrate fully your enthusiasm and commitment.

With your nice look and professional skill, you need one more thing to be done for a successful interview. It is strongly suggested that during your interview you must clearly show the dedication that you would work harder and intently for the company you are applying for. Sometimes, the current applied job maybe is the small step for your future work plan, but do not tell it to the interviewer. Instead you should try every effort to make your interviewer believe that you are confident of the company’s products and if you are hired as beauty consultant of such company, you would be dynamic and enthusiastic about everything related to the development of the company.

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