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Tips for Internet Dating Message


The Internet dating is becoming more popular today because of its simplicity, convenience and wider application. However, it could be a tricky play. For example, if you want to approach someone through the dating message, actually you would get just one chance. It is crucial to make your first impressions a good one when you come to the online dating.

1. Pay more attention to literacy.

Literacy is of such importance that you should be much concerned when you send your “break-the-ice” dating messages on the Internet. You would make yourself look lazy or foolish if you use grammar improperly and make spelling mistakes carelessly. On the other hand, it would easily demonstrate that you do not make enough efforts and take your time in sending the message. At the same time, you should avoid application of some Internet slang, like “lolz” or “idk”, which would be seemingly immature as well. So when you send a first impression message to your potential dates, you should go for a double check if necessary.

2. Care more about brevity.

Conciseness should be another key factor when you are intended to send your initial email message. As a common practice, if someone gets your message, the first thing she or he would like to do is look at your dating profile. Since you have already introduced yourself in your profile, there is no need to repeat it again in your message. In this case, try to keep your message as sweet short as possible and give the mandate to your potential date to know about you after viewing your profile.

3. Be mindful of physical compliments.

When you send your initial message, you should be cautious that your message would be thought to sketchy and seedy. Therefore, it is quite important to keep yourself away from the physical compliments, which would not only make your potential dates uncomfortable, but also give the hints of being cheesy pick-up lines. So remember to stay away from using such words like “gorgeous”, “beautiful”, “fine,” and “sexy,” in your messages.

4. Focus on viewing the personal profile.

You are kindly recommended that you should view someone’s profile carefully before you send your message. For practicing general courtesy and being clear of whom you are talking with, you should never send a message until you have taken some time in reading his or her profile. For example, if a guy insisted in his profile that he would like to meet someone in the surrounding area, and in fact, you live hundred miles away, in this instance, you still send the message, and then you would be thought that you have never read his profile at all. The result is clearly known.

5. Try to find more common languages.

It would be much helpful if you could bring up some kinds of topics in which both of you are interested. For instance, if other person is fond of reading the Shakespeare and you happen to be in this respect, do mention it in your message. If you find she is an avid swimmer and you like swimming too, you should let her know of your hobby as well. The more common interests you share, the more likely you would have the opportunity to move on.

6. Time for response is important.

When you receive a response from someone, it is not necessary to reply back immediately. Before you give out your quick message, you had better think of it very carefully. By doing so, it would assist you to better organize your thoughts so as to avoid sending something you would be regretful later. At the same time, it would never leave an impression on the other person that you are creepy and needy as well as desperate in such messages.

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