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Tips for Flirting with a Co-Worker

Tips for Flirting with a Co-Worker

It is common that you would spend a lot of time in your workplace.  As a result, you meet and get to know different people there. So it is quite natural that you may be interested in someone whom you are intended to flirt with. However, in doing so, you should remember to deal with flirting properly so as not to juggle the personal and work relationships with your co-workers.
1. It is important to be aware of the policy of your company on flirting and dating others. You should be careful when you want to date with your flirting object, especially with those who are your superior, because if you are unable to manage it well, it would cause some problem in regard to your working relationships.

2. Before you want to build up either a long-term or short-term relationship with your co-worker, you should think of whether the relationship could go on if she or he would leave the company one day. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that if there is no good result arising from, you should avoid flirting, only if you would like to consider changing job when something really happens.

3. It is wise to present a professional image during the time at office. You should do your utmost to avoid flirtation to spoil your career. You should be cautious of sending your emails to your flirting object, because you would make a mistake in hitting “reply all.” If possible, try not to indicate your affection in public, and strictly limit the number of emails and phone call when you are working.

4. If you want to flirt with some person whom you show interest, remember to keep smiling with good eye contact. Such flirting standard apply to the workplace as well as outside of work. If your co-worker smiles back intently, you should take it as a good sign and then move on if you think it necessary.

5. During your flirtation, you are kindly advised to look for something common you think with your flirting object. The more common things you share, the better chance you get for next moves. The topics you may find common include popular movies, sports and music.

6. Try to keep a funny attitude. If possible you should learn to tease your flirting object and at the same time, avoid hurting both of your personal feelings. For example, you could laugh at a spilled coffee, or tell a funny joke or humorous story. By doing so, if your crush enjoys your joke or story, that is what you expect from your flirtation.

7. Whenever necessary, you should make compliment on what your co-workers do. For instance, you could compliment on hair style or clothing they choose so as to take the chance to arouse the interests from your potential flirting object.

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