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Tips for Dating Chinese Women

Date Chinese woman

If you want to date with a Chinese woman, you need to be mindful of the difference between it and that with a woman brought up under the Western culture. Chinese women have higher expectations from the relationships and always take it seriously at the very beginning. So it is vitally important to make your first impression when you would like to go on a date with a Chinese woman. Your honesty and respect really matter to them.

1. Try to be bold and attentive.

In Chinese culture, it is the man who would take the initiative by asking a date with a woman. When you are intended to ask for it, you should show your politeness and respect to her. It is commonly recognized that you are expected to pay for whatever activity both of you are engaged in. During your dating, you are strongly suggested to talk too much, but ask some questions about her and then listen to her attentively. Chinese women usually appreciate your respect on their opinions as well as their personal feelings, so you should avoid being too talkative and boastful.

2. Show your intentions clearly.

As for the purpose of a date, some Chinese women would like to find a guy seriously to be their future husband, but others might just look for someone to enjoy fun together. In regard to such different intentions, you should make yours clear as well at the early stage of your dating in terms of what you want to do at present and what your expect for the future. It would be quite difficult to go for one night stand or a quick fling with a Chinese woman. If you are really interested in her and want to know better of her, you should tell her straightly, it is more probably that she would like to do the same.

3. Interpret the signal properly.

It is more common that Chinese women would not bold enough to speak out their inner feeling openly. Instead, they would demonstrate it more likely through their behaviors. For example, they would buy something to cook a nice meal for you to show their interests in you. They might take good care of you when you are ill. This is the way to express their affection, because sometimes they would be too shy to indicate their deeper feelings. You have to wait until she would place a complete trust on you and at the time, she would make it clear how she is feeling about you.

4. Make arrangement to meet the family.

When your dates move on further and the Chinese woman think that you are serious in maintaining such relationship. It is the time that you should go and meet her family. Getting the permission from her family should be vital for you and as matter of a fact, you must make good preparations before your visit to her house. It is kindly advised that you should take a gift that with the very symbolic meanings in China. The best possible gift you could prepare might be something creative and unique in which the family would be interested. For instance, if you are aware the family likes health and sports, you could buy them special health food. As for which the gift is more suitable, you had better ask your girlfriend for the valuable advice about what they really prefer. When you meet her parents, please remember to be respectful, to be honest and more important to be yourself.

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