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Tips for a Successful Job Interview

 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

As we know that the biggest problem for some Americans is the fear of speaking, because they are afraid of making speech in public or talking with strangers, or having an interview. Since the job interview is often important to decide whether you get the job when you have a quite number of competitors with you for such job. So your first impression on job interviewer is critical in this case. Here we offer a few tips for your consideration to have a successful job interview.

 1. Get prepared intently.

If possible, you should avoid go to an interview in the middle of a busy day, because do something in a hurry could results in unexpected things, such as late arrival, improper clothing, messy hair and body odor. So you should get well-prepared for the interview. Before the interview, you should collect information about the company as much as you could and try to think of the reason why the company would hire you for its benefit. You should also do some homework for the answers to the some frequently asked questions to your intention to work in the company and you determination to demonstrate your personal value.

2. Take easy during the interview.

During your interview, your behavior should be poised and professional in any possible way. You should shake hands with your interviewer firmly, sit there straightly, avoid to get fidgeted, and keep eye contact with your interviewer. For easy communication, you should not interrupt and dominate the interview. It is most important for you to show your self-confidence without cockiness, which really matters in getting the job.

3. Finish the interview on a high note.

When the interview is over, you should give your wholehearted thanks to the interviewer and confirm that you are eager to get the reply from him. If you think you do it exceptionally well, you would express your intention to work for the company in the near future. Make sure that what you do in reception area or the hallway could be observed and may be reported to the interviewer, so you should learn to restrain your nervous breakdown or enthusiasm before you leave the company.

4. Pay attention to the follow-up.

In most cases, not many people care more about the follow-up after a job interview, which sometimes costs them to have the job. It is strongly suggested that one or two days after the interview, you should send an email or make a call to the interviewer or the company. In such follow-up, you should introduce yourself again, remind them of your interview date and confirm your desire to work for the company and try to get an update on the decision of company for the hiring.

5. No Guarantees for any interview.

You may have learned many tips for the successful job interview, but you are not guaranteed in regard to getting the job. You should not get discouraged for the failure of one interview. Instead you should cheer up and keep on applying for more interviews. At the same time, you should continue to learn more and hone your skills after each interview. Do remember that the confidence would help you find a prospective employer who would appreciate your value and offer you the job you expect.

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