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Tips for a Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy

During your twin pregnancy, it is very important to keep healthy in regard to the delivery of a healthy set of twins. You should be aware that what the normal condition are, how you would eat properly and what kind of things you would expect. It is quite different between carrying twins and carrying just one child, because in this case, your risks should be much higher owing to more stress you have to stand. Here are a few tips you could learn when you try your best to have a healthy twin pregnancy.

1. Focus on the best possible care.

When you are at the 10th week of your pregnancy, you might be clear of your twin pregnancy. At that time, most expectant mothers would have visited the hospital for their first check-up of ultrasound, and as a result, you would be able to hear the heart beats of your twins. Therefore, it is fundamentally vital to have the best possible care both for you and your babies. If you used to have some complications in your previous pregnancies, you should be more concerned in such circumstance. So it is strongly suggested that you should go for an experienced doctor who is capable of dealing with a number of twin pregnancies before and is good at handling any associated complications. After visiting such doctor, you should trust her and follow her instructions to make your twin pregnancy as safe as possible. As suggested by the medical specialists, 70 percent of the expectant mothers with twin pregnancy need bed rest and change in their daily diet. You should always bear them in mind.

2. Have proper nutrition.

It is quite essential to have proper nutrition for a healthy twin pregnancy. As you have to get more calories than a woman carrying one child, you should be much concerned about the change of your weight, because putting on too much weight could leave extra stress on your body. It is said that mothers carrying twins would have 600 extra calories per day, of which 300 is for each baby. So it is kindly advised that you should have enough iron and other nutrients from kind of a prenatal vitamin. As your twins are starting to grow, it would be uncomfortably for you to take large meals. Instead, you had better have a smaller meal every two or three hours to ease your compacted stomach and keep a normal content of your blood sugar so as to avoid contractions and preterm labor associated with lower level. To keep hydrated is another important issue you should consider carefully for a healthy twin pregnancy, because even mild dehydration could cause some complications. Therefore, remember to take a bottle of water with you, drinking from it on a regular basis. As suggested by medical experts, you should drink 15 to 16 glasses of water every day. If you think drinking too much water at first is a challenge, then you should increase it step by step to meet the final target. In addition to drinking water, you could have some juice and beverages free of caffeine as supplement.

3. Educate yourself for twin pregnancy.

Even if you have been pregnant before, a twin pregnancy is totally new to you. You would have a lot of different concerns than your last pregnancy. So by dealing with such problems, you should consult with your doctor, find information about twin pregnancy and birth, or if possible you could seek advice from the mothers of twins. The more you learn the more ready you get for twin pregnancy. It is strongly suggested that you should find opportunities to talk with other mothers of twins and learn from them the experience in managing twin pregnancy to relieve yourself from anxiety and concerns. By being well-prepared and educated, you would certainly have a healthy and safe twin pregnancy in every possible way.

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