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The First Date Tips for Men

The First Date Tips for MenIt is not an easy task for the first daters when both sides would have a face-to-face meeting focused on getting to know each other through judging appearance, manners, as well as conversation skills. Here are a few tips you should learn for an enjoyable time of your first date.

1. Behave yourself naturally.

It is kindly suggested that you should act naturally at your first date. If you want to make your date successful, you should be punctual and present the true image of yourself. If you have something planned to do for the date, you should inform your date of it beforehand and make her be aware what would happen during your date. For example, no body likes to have her high-heel shoes on until she finds you are going for rock climbing when you are on the first date.

2. Focus on small details.

As far as the first date is concerned, some men like to invite their dates to come into their house. However you should be cautious of your date’s interpretation of such invitation, because some women might think it kind of old fashioned and disempowering action. You may have a try, if your date seems unacceptable; you should give it up, because if your date turns your invitation down, it means she would not like to open the door for you either. So in this case, you had better invite your date to a dinner and find some fun somewhere later. Having a dinner in a quiet place would give you an opportunity of private conversation in getting to each other better. After your dinner, you are kindly advised to go to comedy clubs to find more about whether you’re compatible with your date or not.

3. Be careful of the payment.

You should be intended to pay for your first date, but remember not to be much overbearing, because if men insist on paying for everything, it would make some women feel such action too disempowering, chauvinistic or old fashioned. However, in the eyes of other women, it might be acceptable and chivalrous. So you should decide on your instinct which way would be possibly better for your date and do what makes her feel most comfortable.

4. After your date.

After your first date, you should drive your date in your car back home. In front of her house, you should get out of your car and accompany her to the front door. If she refuse your doing so, just thank her for such an enjoyable night and then leave. If your date express the intent of accepting your offer, that is fine. When you think it is appropriate to give her a kiss, just do it, otherwise a kind hug is enough.

5. A follow-up call is good option.

If you do enjoy your first date and promised to call her the night for the date, you should call her the next day to extend your thanks to her once again for the happy time you share together. In addition, you should also be brave enough to ask her for another date if you think she would be interested in it. If she happen to be absent from home, you had better leave a message. If there is no call-back from her , it means she gets something different, so you have to refrain yourself and move on in your own way.

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