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Text Flirting Tips for Guys

Text Flirting Tips for Guys

In today’s world, cell phones are becoming a ubiquitous tool in our daily life. As a quick and useful type of communication, sending text messages is widely recognized and acceptable. It is also applicable in terms of relationship issues as well as flirting. However, text flirting needs a totally new kind of etiquette, because you have to face the problem of limited number of words and inability of facial expressions or voice tone to give more emphasis on your message. Here are a few tips you could follow in text flirting.

1. Your meanings should be as clear as possible.

When we text our messages with mobile phones, we are already used to the application of IDK’ing or LOL’ing. However, if you would like to send text message to a girl whom you are intended to go for a relationship, you should stick to the standard abbreviations which are easily and universally understood by ordinary user of mobile phone. At the same time, you should remember not to overdo it to avoid anything ambiguous. Therefore, you should try to make best use of the limited number of words and carefully choose them so as to send them in a tricky way with the proper tone; otherwise you would scare her away.

2. Your response time should be carefully planned.

As for the people who are to court or get to know each other, they often follow the unwritten etiquette that they should answer the phone messages too quickly, because it would make the impression that the person returning the call is too desperate. However, as everyone generally has their cell phone at hand and thus they would respond to texts very quickly. If you would wait for two days to give response to the flirty text of a girl, it seems far too long; On the contrary, when you are interested in her and appreciate being flirty in return, you had better respond in a day. In addition, once you get a voicemail, you should respond with a voicemail as well. Otherwise, you would give the signal that you have no interests in her.

3. Your post-date note should be sent soon.

It is strongly suggested that if you had a successful date with a girl for the first time, you should send a text the next day, informing her that you did enjoy the time with her. Even if you do not think it a good date, you should do so as well out of politeness. If you did share a happy time together, you are kindly recommended to send her a flirty and cute text, telling that you did enjoy her accompanying and look forward to seeing her again very soon. If she shares the same kind of feelings, it could be a booster for enhancing her confidence and expect the second dating with you. In such post-date texts, you had better focus on the happy memory the great evening brings to you, and take the chance to offer compliment on her appearance as well as other things related to your interest in her, which in return give her more thought about you.

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