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Successful Job Interview Tips

Successful Job Interview Tips

For a lot of people, a job interview is a scenario that is full of challenges. Although highly proficient in their respective fields, plenty of qualifies candidate failed their job interviews because they were unable to make lasting impression on their interviewers and properly present their credentials. Here are some tips for a successful job interview.

1. Do comprehensive research on the company prior to the interview and make sure you understand the company. By studying the organization, you can show your awe for the company and you will also feel more confident and comfortable when responding to the questions because you are able to align your previous experiences with the organization’s mission and needs expertly.

2. During the interview, try to be composed as much as you can. If you do feel nervous for the upcoming interview, take some deep breaths to steady your nerves. If you can ease yourself and step into the interview confidently, the interviewer will learn that you are able to handle tense and stressful situations with aplomb.

3. Be affable. Because of nervousness, a lot of interviewees appear stiff so that their real disposition becomes unapparent. Keep smiling at the interviewer or other people in the room. You can be a little personable, but you don’t want to be too casual and tell a personal story. Your discussion and answers should be positive and don’t trash on your previous co-workers and employers.

4. When you express your point, you should keep it as concise as possible. Don’t ramble with your words and also avoid answers like “yes” or “no” that is not thorough. Specific examples should be given in order to demonstrate your ability to deal with stressful situation. You can also refer to specific skills to illustrate that you are experienced and a good fit for the position.

5. Make consistent eye contact with your interviewer and this shows you are a confident and determined person. If you are afraid to make eye contact, then your potential boss might consider that you may be not comfortable under you own skin.

6. When you first meet with everyone in the room, greet them with a good and firm handshake. If necessary, you can practice this with your family and friends. A weak or limp handshake normally leaves a bad impression, since it is a mark of low confidence.

7. Follow up the interview with a hand-written thank-you letter to each interviewer at the interview. Take this chance to reinstate your interest in the position and outline your qualifications.

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