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Successful Flirting Tips

Tips for Successful Flirting

Flirting is regarded as an approach to arouse the interests from the person you like. However, in the past ten years, some new types of flirting have been developed with the latest technology, which is in competition with the traditional ways of dating. If you’ are intended to have a successful flirting, you should learn some basic tips inthis respect.

1. Apply the technology to your flirting.

It is common that technology is a kind of useful to let the person you fancy be aware of your notice, but sometimes it could be thought as a hindrance if you are unable to handle it properly. When you want to apply technology to be engaged in flirting with the person you appreciate, you could social-networking tools, email or text messages to show your notice and interest in such person. However, you could not greatly rely on these new types of communication totally. As for face-to-face flirting, you could say something more intimate, even the sentence –“I love you” once your relationship goes further and deeper, but by using Facebook or MySpace to send the message to the person you like, you should do it in a indirect way, like something — “Had great fun with you last night and hope to meet you more often.” And another way to do it is to embed a link on the personal page of such person’ with a short note, saying that you would like to let the person to share the article you have just read and you think she should read it either. Such action could clearly show that you still care about her even if you do not meet in person.

2. Try to be suggestive and funny.

Being suggestive and funny is very important in a successful flirting, because it could help your flirting object be aware of what you feel about. If you like someone and think she likes you either, you should make it clear to her. To know about the true feeling of your flirting object, you could suggest on going to the movie or dine out together. If she is glad to take the invitation and your evening goes quite smoothly, as the next step, you could invite her to your house for a cup of tea or coffee. If you get a negative response from her, it means her polite objection, so no more moves should be taken. If your flirting object accepts your invitation, she is glad to move on with you. Your chance is clearly there. In addition, you could do your flirting in a suggestive way by sending some text massages, thus for reduction discomfort and tension. Flirting is kind of the issue related to fun and allure, if you think the person feels as same as you do, just go ahead.

3. Focus more on yourself.

If you focus more on yourself by talking, it could be thought to be counter-intuitive, however, it would show your flirting object that you are open and sincere with her. By doing so, you are able to build up a close relationship between you. As a result, your crush could stay comfortable in the process of sharing her information. During your conversation with your flirting object, try to avoid discussing your former relationships as well as the topics like religion or politics. Instead, you should concentrate on any planned holidays or recent adventures, such as kayaking, rock climbing and hiking in which you have participated recently. This would enable you to show what a brave and successful man you are in order to make a good impression on your flirting object for more moves you expect further.

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