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Subtle Flirting Tips for Guys

Subtle Flirting Tips for Guys

If you really want to flirt with a woman in a subtle way, you should be aware that women dislike those guys who have leering grin and cheesy opening line and such guys often does not talk to a woman’s face rather than her breast. If you behave too strongly, it could result in disgust from the woman and force her run away. So you need to learn some techniques for subtle flirting so as to become a winner in potential dating and mating action.

1. The purpose of flirting.

Flirting could be regarded as multi-function behavior, which is partially determined by biology or partially decided by cultural factor, or partially demonstrated as consciously-chosen act. Flirting could be seen to give a certain signal showing you have some sexual interests in somebody. At the same time, flirting could also help testing the other person in the way whether she has same feeling as well. During the course of flirting, two people could start to know the opposite side, revealing things related to each other and then try to find more in common between them. If you could learn something in subtle flirting, it could be much helpful in being engaged in such process in a more comfortable pace rather than going too fast.

2. The effect of genuineness.

It is quite common that the instinctive flirtatious posture or movements could give out the signal that they are not harmful to the other person. Such act could be regarded as kind of subtle and, non-verbal communication which is presented attractively on the instinctive and deep level. If you could show the body posture openly and in an unguarded way, it means that you are genuine and friendly, telling the other side that you would neither attack nor flee in such action. You could put your hands palms up on your thighs or knees o or on a table, it give out the same message.

3. The importance of dominance.

During the flirting, you could lean back in a chair and place your hands behind your head. This kind of puffin up your chest would send the special message, which would mean that such non-verbal cues of dominance are not harmful with clear indication of being strong but safe. The dominance could be also expressed through look-at-me gestures. It is strongly suggested that you should always keep your flirting gestures as much subtle as possible, but never overdo them.

4. The way of looking.

If you are intended to attract somebody’s attention across a room, you could usually catch her eye and keep the gaze for about a few seconds. As it is longer than a normal glance, she would often take it. However, if you hold it too long, that would let her uncomfortable. Therefore, you should move closer to her, talking and glancing at her face briefly, and then turn around. It is kindly advised that you should never stare. You had better glance at her briefly during the talk and at the same time, listen to her attentively.

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