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Stock Tips on Information Sources

Stock Tips on Information Sources

If you are planning to brush up your trading skills or just want to get started in the stock market, the last thing you should do is to waste money on paying for information. Owing to the great Internet, all the market and trading information that you might need are available at your fingertips for free. However, as there are so many information sources, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish reputable ones from the common ones. Hence, we prepare this list for you to keep in pace with the most reputable information sources.

1. Investopedia.

The first step to trading is to understanding the basic ins and outs of the stock market and just as its name seems, Investopedia offers you almost everything you should know about smart trading and investing. It is one of the best places online to find definitions and descriptions of the terminologies you might encounter as a stock trader.

2. The Motley Fool.

This website provides all kinds of information and knowledge, while, probably more than needed.  Thus, it is important that you know what information you are looking for before you visting the website. You will be able to find how other investors and traders rate various stocks and gain experts’ opinions on buys, holds and sells. However, there are also plenty of amateurs there, so you will need to filter them through to get only what you need.

3. Sharebuilder.

To open an account with Sharebuilder, you don’t need the minimum payment. The website offers excellent filtering and comparison tools and free investment guides for investors. You can compare the charts of stocks side-by-side and filter information according to price, dividend, sector as well as price-to-earnings ratios.

4. Investor’s Business Daily.

This is a daily paper that often offers a free two-week trial subscription on their website and newspaper. A lot of the advanced information provided is priceless, and they also publish lists of best prescreened stocks available in the market.

5. CNN Money and CNBC.

Both of the CNN Money and CNBC focus on major companies in particular industries. Their tips usually come through press releases from the companies or from interviews with prominent staffs from the companies. The great thing of the tips is that the high volume of trading of these stocks when traders see the relevant news release, which is attractive for traders who’d like to follow the crowd.

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