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Some Good Job Interview Tips You Should Know

Some Good Job Interview Tips You Should Know

To make a good first impression is very important for a successful job interview. However, it is important that you show your best qualities but not allow your hair or clothes distract the interviewer’s attentions. A successful job interview calls for your thorough preparation beforehand, and even though a general interview lasts about ten to twenty minutes, it takes several times more of your time and effort to successfully land your next job.

1. Get yourself prepared by doing research.

Before you go to the interview, you should do some research on the position and the company. Also, if you know exactly who the interviewer is, you need to be familiar with your interviewer’s professional background and specialties. Practice how to describe your previous experiences, your qualifications and your personal objectives, but keep in mind, don’t talk like reading a script.

2. Dress professionally.

Unless you have clear directions not to, normally you should dress professionally. A formal business attire in dark color and conservative cuts is basically your best choice. Gaudy, distracting or flamboyant appearance should be avoided, for example, unusual jewelry and too much cologne. If you are not sure about your dressing, remember being overdresses is better than being too casual. Don’t smoke before the interview, nor does chewing a gum during it.

3. Pay attention to etiquette.

Know where the scheduled interview location is by visiting the place prior to the interview so that you will not get lost on the day of interview. Show your patience and politeness to everybody you meet and maintain your enthusiasm and cooperation. During the interview, speak in formal English but just be yourself and try to build rapport with your interviewer. Pay attention to your body language so that you are consistently portray the overall image you want to. Be willingly to engage in conversations but don’t try to outsmart your interviewer or act as an expert if you are not actually that professional. Prepare one or more questions for your interviewer to present that you are highly interested in the company and you have gained some knowledge about job the position.

4. Follow it up!

When you finish the job interview, follow it up with an email, written card or a phone call. You should convey a brief message that contains enough details for reminding your interviewer about your discussion.  Attach your contact information and your preferred method of being reached. If needed, you can also include additional information so you might have the chance to encourage an ongoing conversation. Express your appreciation to each of your interviewer, but don’t sound sycophantic.

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