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SMS Text Flirting Tips

Tips for SMS Text Flirting

In the past, people used to write letters to their lovers. And now the text flirting is now becoming quite popular trend as replacement of the classic romance in a modern society. By sending your SMS text in regard to flirting, you could either begin with a totally new relationship or boost the already existing one for further connection with somebody you fancy. Here are a few tips you could learn in flirting with someone via text messages successfully.

1. Your message should be clear.

When sending their text messages, many people have formed the habit of applying some useful abbreviations for texting because of the word limit. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you should keep your messages concise and clear by flirting via text, for if you use some abbreviations, which could cause the misunderstanding, the receiver would find it difficult to know what you really means, so try to make your text message as clear as possible.

2. Use some humor.

When you would like to send your flirting text, you had better make it as kind of fun as well as light-hearted, because humor is regarded to be a good ice breaker among the people who are not quite familiar with each other. Once you try to keep your text subtle, you could apply some jokes or gentle teasing or even with any suggestion to make it more smoothly. You should also remember to avoid making some negative hints, for if you use the traditional rant about friends or work, it could leave the bad impression that it is difficult to make you pleased. In addition, you should never go too far in asking them to response quickly or fixing the time to meet somewhere, which could make your flirting object think that you are too clingy to be so desperate in further action.

3. Choose the proper timing.

It is very crucial for you to choose the proper time to send your texts messages and you should be patient in waiting the feed-back, for they may be busy with work or unable to use their cell phones easily. It is also kindly advised that you should avoid sending a text very late at night so as not to wake them up suddenly. Therefore, you had better send your text at the time when you think they would be likely to give their responses.

4. Make best use of emoticons.

If you are engaged in a face to face conversation, it is easy for you to understand what they really mean through their facial expression or voice tone. So, if you could make best use of emoticons in your flirting text message, it could also make yourself better understood. For example, a smiley face following an easy joke or some kind suggestion would make the receivers know you are not serious with your messages. However, never overdo it, because it might cause misunderstandings and even embarrassment between you.

5. Be wise to stop.

After you send your text message, if there is no response, you should be patient and do not send any more. You should know that maybe they are too busy to feed back. If you continue to sand more, it may annoy the receivers and result in no answer at all. If they would like to give a reply, they would do it later when possible. Otherwise, it is unnecessary to embarrass you by sending more messages, because you should regard flirting by text, just like the one in real life, as kind of means to find fun.

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